Valkyrie Knight (Saviour) Trait Behaviour

“This creature takes 50% of the damage in place of your other creatures from attacks and spells. This trait does not stack”
Positions for refer

So… Example time. I’m in a fight with two of these creatures on the enemy team, one is in position 3, one in position 5. Where counting positions with #1 on bottom left, going left to right, bottom to top with #6 on top right. Attacking any other creature, and position 3 Knight triggers it’s Saviour trait. If I attack position 5 Saviour, then position 3 Knight again triggers Saviour. If I attack position 3 Knight though position 5 Knight does not trigger Saviour.

I would assume then that if a player were to build a team with Two of these Knights hoping that they would essentially share damage with each other, then the same kind of thing would occur. Each one should be able to trigger their trait when the other is attacked, but this does not happen.

Savior doesn’t work on indirect damage, and damage deflected by this trait is considered indirect damage, so that’s why you aren’t seeing the interaction you’re talking about.

It’s inconsistent behaviour. Back to my example again. Attacking one knight triggers saviour for the other. A Direct attack on Knight 5 will allow Knight 3 to trigger Saviour. But it does not work the other way round where a Direct attack on Knight 3 will trigger Knight 5 to use Saviour.

Which is why the trait description says it doesn’t stack. It will always choose the first creature in your party with the trait.

Makes it kinda easy to circumvent then and be made effectively null. Difficult to take advantage of for the player and easy to nullify when facing off against it.