Valkyrie Scout Bug


Valkyrie Scout’s text “[font=comic sans ms]After your other creatures are attacked, this creature attacks the enemy for 30% normal damage.[/font]” If I hit one of my own creatures, Valkyrie triggers and starts attacking my dudes. According to the text he should either attack enemies or not trigger since an enemy didn’t attack me. Can this be changed quickly, most of my crew ends up getting destroyed.

This is working as intended. In this context, “enemy” simply means “attacker”, but it wouldn’t sound very good if the description said “this creature attacks the attacker”.

What about
“This creature attacks the source for 30% normal damage”

The source implies who dealt the attack.

Maybe “This creature counter-attacks” ?

That, or “This creature counters” and get rid of “the enemy”

I’ve always felt that they really shouldn’t be countering your creatures at all. I mean, a Scout always finishes this kind of thing by smacking itself in the face, and that’s kinda ridiculous.