Valkyrie Scouts

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    When using a party with Valkyrie Scouts (3 in my instance), the extra attacks and effects that are queued can have unexpected / illogical results. This was particularly noticable during the battle against the Realm 11 boss. Once a couple of attacks started happening, dozens of attacks ended up being automatically queued, until the entire fight (the 3 enemies) were killed before I took another action. After the enemies were killed, more attacks were still processing, with the empty spaces “dodging” the attacks. The enemies still had spells process, as well.

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    Win 7

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    Steam Latest (

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More data on this:

Obviously the turn queueing doesn’t always check to see if a target is destroyed before processing. This may be intentional. However, the multiple counter-attacking creature phenomenon is ALSO very interesting when Mind Tricks is cast on one’s party!