Vampiric Aura Trait - Working as Intended?

I have started playing around with Vampiric Aura (Mutant Vampire Bat) and I have noticed a couple of odd things. I wanted to make sure this behavior was intended.

First, with Multistrike (and the Lau rune) I find that the Vampiric Aura heal effect goes off three times even if the enemy dies on the first hit.

Second, even if an attack does zero damage, Vampiric Aura still creates a Heal effect (Healing everyone for zero points of healing).

Third, Vampiric Aura is triggering Spirit abilities (e.g. Frozen Spirit) even if it heals for zero, and even when the creature being healed is at full life.

This means that at the start of a fight when all of my creatures are at full life, I can attack an enemy using a multi strike creature … This yields 3 Frozen Spirit activations on all on all of my creatures even if the attack does no damage.

Final Note: Vampiric Aura triggers the Charity trait, even when it does zero healing. This allows me to double the number of Frozen Spirit activations that I get from my zero damage attack.

Is this behavior intended?

can’t answer your question but I’ve tried a comp like that and the turns take forever to resolve even on turbo because of all the stat increases, though mine was even worse because in addition to frozen spirit + mutant vampire bat I had the bastion trait (+30% defense/speed to all my creatures, doubled with aerum rift dancer), manticore decimator (whenever your creatures gain a stat other than attack gain 50% of it as attack), doomsday spectre (when this creature gains stats your opponents lose 50% of your gain), AND fallen carnage (heal on kill)

it would be nice if turbo mode made that much faster than it is

  1. That’s correct because all events happen at the same time they’re executed.

  2. That’s also correct to keep things consistent with on-damage effects, which also activate when 0 damage is dealt.

  3. That’s a bug. Everyone is currently benefiting from the life mage’s ‘Overheal’ perk.


Thanks a lot for the clarification.

(I assume the overhead bug will be fixed in the expansion)

  • Matt Lepinski