Vanelin Seraph (Bug)

Vanelin Seraph V0.0.26 Almost East: When this creature attacks, it loses 30% mana. If it has enough for this to happen, the attack deals 200% more damage.

Artifact has : CAll of the Harvest on it. Spell Gems- Gem of Cloud Beam (17% chance to cast on hit), Gem of Holy Protection (15% chance to cast when hit, 16 % chance to cast on hit), Gem of righteous Storm (13% chance to cast on hit) the bug is, that he doesn’t use his mana. It’s VERY sporadic, I’ve gotten 7 or 8 turns where it won’t use any mana to boost it’s attacks, and other times it will on dodge Counterattacks. It may be an issue due to the fact I was using a Mountain Priest to give it, it’s mana back. But I honestly have no idea.

Its trait won’t activate if the enemy will dodge or if you’ll deal 0 damage. Any chance that’s what’s happening?

Nope, as the Seraph still connects, and deals like 10-40 damage. It’s pitiful damage, but it is connecting.