Varied Suggestions and feedback (tiny and larger)

Version 0.3.4

Easy Quality of life:
Emblem Purchase popup - like when buying gems from the enchanter (it is easy to accidentally buy many of the same item)
Visual indicator of number of minion stacks

Possibly Easy:
Add macro check for if a creature can defend / provoke.

Unsure of but would be good:
Add macro check for the presence of a trait
^would be very valuable for things like the elves’ traits

Unsure of:
Add macro check for presence of realm property

Realm property tweak:
Cannot Defend/Provoke -> Cannot manually defend / provoke (e.g. defend on cast and the like would still work)
Cannot gain spell gems -> %50 chance to not gain spell gems

Personal preference:
Reference for game mechanics, of damage and attack and defence
^obviously only once these things are finalized

Having in-game options to search through traits and creatures <- not super needed, as people will make wiki’s but it would be nice

General comment:
It would be great to be able to give nicknames to creatures, and be able to sort them by that in the menagerie.

It is frustrating if a realm property or enemy creature hard shuts down a build idea, with no counter build options.
E.g. units cannot dodge.

Knowledge gain for rank D seems pretty slow. I unlocked the hunt mission, and for a long while had nothing I was interested in hunting.

I would like some build possibilities around giving enemies traits.
e.g. a Spell that gives all the traits of the caster to the target, would be interesting

Sometimes it would be nice to have a creature do nothing as their turn. E.g. with invisible enemies, sometimes one hast to defend / provoke, which can trigger effects you don’t want.

Simple Relic suggestion:
Some relics seems like they might want to be kept low rank,
e.g. Thousand Needles rank 70 could easily become problematic with the attack increase for anything that attacks multiple enemies, due to the cap of 20 attacks a turn. It would be nice if one could only attune upto a certain rank.

Imp Shaman does not work with spells class swapped to nature (unexpected), nor nature spells class swapped to other classes (expected). It would be nice if it worked with spells class swapped to nature, and if not, the text should be updated to clarify. (e.g. when your creatures cast a single target nature spell, that has not been class swapped, they have a 50%… )

Possible bug (could just be confused about the intended cost)
When selecting the realm you want to visit, it seems to cost me 2000 power (at least) sometimes,
when it says it only costs 1000

Great game! :slight_smile:

You’re right about the cost to teleport to a realm. It says 1000, but takes 2000.

I thought this was already possible, as once you give your creatures a nickname that name should be used when sorting by “name” instead of default creature type? Does it not work like that currently?

I’ve only given one creature a nickname atm, and I prefer to sort by type or race usually, so I’m not sure.