Various Bugs

  1. Bugs

  2. NA

  3. A) Some items spawning in 1 square alcoves inaccessible as another item spawns directly in front blocking it off - i.e a tent or rift doesnt disappear on interaction so perma blocks whats behind it.

B) Some glitching of the map showing monster sprites. Note defo a bug - monsters are immobile, in some cases only half drawn and only visible on map. So far only seen in the grassland/green realm (the one with whatsisface god of anger).

C) Star realm quest to activate 3 orbs (sun, moon etc) only spawning 2 out of 3 in some or all instances.

D) Perhaps not a bug and just a crazy coincidence lol. Immediately after equipping my stronghold with a ‘start with grace’ artifact the next 3 fights against enemy strongholds had them also starting with grace…may be worth checking just in case.

E) Expanding windowed mode to fit full screen (fake full screen) occasionally borks the graphic, showing text boxes etc extra large and half off screen.

  1. Windows (steam version)

  2. Closed down before posting. Latest ad of this time…0.14?

  3. All self explanatory