varve imling's trait working only part of the time?

I recently made an imling and imlers team and I got there a varve imling.
According to the trait’s description - after an imler is getting attacked it should heal 30% of its max hp.
But what happens in reality is that the healing occurs only sometimes, and sometimes it doesn’t even though my imler is getting attacked

is that a bug or maybe the description of the trait is wrong?

Is the creature that is being healed already at full health? It won’t activate in that case.

No…why would I want the creature to get healed if he didn’t sustain damaged?

my team is sandstone imler with two varve imlings and other imlings

The sandstone imler’s trait forwards all damage directed at my imlings to my sandstone imler.
The varve imling’s trait is to heal an imler 30% of his health after he is attacked.
whenever he is actually being healed (less than half of the time) , he is healed by both of my varve imlings which means - either they both heal him or none of them do (since he is always healed twice in a row unless he got to full health from the first heal).

My theory is that attacks directed at my varve imglings and end up hitting my sandstone imler(thanks to his trait) aren’t activating the varve imling’s trait since the game counts the hits as the varve imling’s hits and not the sandstone imler’s hits even though he is the one taking the damage.