Very tiny request

Very minor unimportant feature request just in case its extremely easy to implement…

Ability to alternatively scroll through the “View All Achievements” page 10 at a time with like up/down keys :slight_smile: Sometimes I’m not quite sure what category an achievement im hunting for is in, or I think I do but then discover I’m wrong… and well, though I love that there are thousands of achievements, it does take a bit of time to scroll through the whole list just to check progress.

Anyway put it at the bottom of todo list if at all :slight_smile: cheers

So I just now realized that I could flip to the last page of the list by pressing Left lol. I should have known this since everything else is built that way… Anyway, that should overall cut down on about half the time spent paging over to an achievement :stuck_out_tongue:

Also just realized that the “DING” noise attached to navigating menus, is a little louder while browsing achievements vs all other menus in the game.

I hope you don’t mind me posting this kind of stuff. I don’t mean to be overcritical, just as a software developer myself I know even the small stuff is usually welcomed.

Thanks for the suggestions.

Yes, suggestions are always welcome!