Victory Crash

Upon winning any realm battle, I encounter a crash with the following error:
action number 1
of Step Event0
for object obj_battlecontroller:

Push :: Execution Error - Variable Get
-1xpeach(100073, -2147483648)
at gml_Script_bc_CreaturesAllocateExp

stack frame is
gml_Script_bc_CreaturesAllocateExp (line 0)

Since the error makes me think it may be relevant:

Level 56 Wildfire Efreet
Level 52 Cinder Devil
Level 56 Servant Hunter
Level 53 Unicorn Consecrator
Level 33 Vampire Bat
Level 56 Unicorn Vivifier

My character is a level 49 Death Mage.

I am playing on a Galaxy S4 running Android 4.4.2. The game version is 1.0.16.
As a side note, I’ve experienced crash bugs in the following situations:
Entering battle
Changing realm level
Creating a portal
Saving game
Changing rooms in Siralim proper
This is, however, the first one to be reproduced with 100% consistency, as well as the first to display an error message.

This one is luckily an easier fix than the others :slight_smile: Thanks for letting me know. For now, avoid using the Cleric Leaf item since that’s what causes the crash.