Village outside the castle!

I’d like a village outside my castle where merchants collect and NPCs wonder around. So occasionally I can exit the castle and take a breath of fresh air. This would make my kingdom feel more like a kingdom and the castle less lonely (although the castle is, indeed, filled with creatures and a pub).

Imagine going South, South from the War Room and you’ll get to a green area with wooden stalls and birds tweeting. 8)

Edit: I see this post in General Forum picks out a similar idea:

I normally dislike resurrecting old posts, but I was just about to make my own about this topic before seeing yours. I completely agree with you. This game is great so far, but adding a bit to the kingdom outside the castle would do wonders for the playability, not to mention give you more things to work towards if you are able to build it like the other parts of the castle.

That post you linked has a lot of great ideas. It’s too bad it got very little attention (like this one).

The problem with this is that it wouldn’t be easy or simple to implement. A random selection of NPCs that talk about game trivia wouldn’t be bad, but getting merchants that wouldn’t immediately unbalance the game would be. Remember these would be merchants that you would be able to immediately access without ever touching the Realms - what they would have to sell is things that the player could have effectively infinite amounts of without unbalancing the game. The only thing I could think of is a merchant that offers a randomized and limited selection of consumables (since having infinite Doom Fortress Bricks would give the same problem as the Nightwing).

If you have ideas of what to do with this outdoor area, then voice them, because I’m coming up blank.

Could be something to do eventually as end-game content. Something to use the gobs of power you end up with. Though that’s more expansion material, since it would take a lot of resources.

I’m getting the vibe that once Zack finishes game balance he’ll be moving onto Siralim 2 rather than adding expansions, since he’s mentioned it already. This might be a concept for that, though.

That’s a good point VagrantSun, about the balancing of merchants, however, you could have only simple merchant items in town and have the traveling merchants carry the good stuff.

And yes, I too saw that they will probably begin working on a sequal rather than DLC which sounds great too. I honestly would have to do more thinking as to areas outside of the castle. I just feel having SOMETHING would help with the immersion a bit, not to mention, I start to feel claustrophobic at times in the castle. Perhaps for Siralim 2, they could have the town built outside the castle (with Blacksmith/enchanter/etc…) instead of inside the castle. A small change maybe, but something I think would make a nice change of pace. My favorite part of retro-style RPGs was walking around towns (think Shining Force I and II). It’d be nice to give a face to the kingdom so to speak. :slight_smile: