Viper Occultist ability description is misleading

The Viper Occultist’s ability was changed in the recent update and the new ability description says:
“Creature deals more damage equal to your Power Balance.”

This sounds like it just does bonus damage equal to your power balance number, so if your power balance is 230%, it does 230 extra damage. That’s very unexciting since power balance is capped at 300, and if I hadn’t already had a Viper on my team when the ability changed during the upgrade I doubt I would have bothered to summon one to try it out.

However, that is not how it works. I was getting bonus damage numbers all over the place, from 3 to 900. After experimenting with it a bit it looks like the Viper does a normal attack, and then does bonus damage equal to the original attack’s damage multiplied by the power balance. So if your power balance is 200% then you end up doing three times as much damage as normal with this ability.

If that’s correct, the ability text should be changed to something more clear, like
“After attacking, creature deals bonus damage equal to the original attack damage multiplied by the power balance.”
Maybe that’s too math-sounding for the description text, but something like that would be more clear and changes the first impression of the ability from “That’s it?” to “Hmm, interesting”.

Fair enough, I’ll change that then. Thanks!

Thanks Zack. I’m always impressed by how quickly you respond to all our feedback.