Viper Occultist + Unguided Entity behavoir post patch 2.021

Before the patch, the Viper Occultist with Unguided entity was hitting for 40% of the enemy’s health, then the bonus damage was applied as a separate integer calculated as 40% current health multiplied by power balance.

Now, the Occultist is hitting for the same amount each time with no separate bonus damage displaying. At realm 350ish, each occultist is hitting the same monster for around 450k damage. First hit = 450k, second hit = 450k, third hit = 450k and so on. I don’t understand why this number does not get smaller as the enemy’s current health is reduced, or why the second bonus hit is not occurring.

I understand that the one-shot combo was intentionally nerfed (and I’m glad that it was), I’m just confused about how the damage is calculated and displayed in the current build. And it’ll drive me crazy until I know :slight_smile:

It’s bugged and not dealing any damage. This ability has turned out to be surprisingly difficult to get it working properly. I’m working on a fix.