Vista Workaround Not Working to Run Siralim.exe


I just recently purchased Siralim via Steam after seeing that, while the most current version is not technically supported by Vista (I’m running 64-bit), that there was a workaround by selecting “Extract here” on the .exe directly from the Steam common files in the Program Files. However, when I attempted to do so, extract here was never an option. I could compress the .exe and tried re-extracting that, but still the same issue. If anyone has any insight into surmounting this problem, that would be fantastic - this game looks very promising and full of content which I would love to experience! I’m willing to answer any questions about any required information to try to get this game up and off the ground running.

Try installing WinRAR first:

That should allow you to extract the .exe file.

I assumed it might have been something like that, I’ve reformatted this computer a few times over the years and I couldn’t remember if I still had WinRAR installed (wasn’t sure if it was an actual issue or not). I’ll download that and give it a shot. Hopefully it works, as I’m looking forward to enjoying your game. I’ll keep you posted on the results of my endeavor.

Huzzah! This issue has now been rectified. Thank you so much for your response - I was fearing that perhaps I wouldn’t be able to play this game on my laptop (I realize Vista is practically ancient, but this is a backup laptop since my last laptop is essentially deceased, and I haven’t gotten around to updating to a newer model/OS). Thanks, once again - looking forward to what’s to come!

Great to hear that it’s resolved! Please let me know if you run into any more issues.