Vita Port seems very poor

I bought Siralim 2 on the PS Vita as soon as it came out Tuesday; I loved the first game and couldn’t wait for the second one.

However, the game seems very slow; turns sometimes take forever, especially when monsters have a lot of spell gems that cast automatically (such as on hit or at the start of battle)

It gets even slower when I get deeper and start to fight enemy groups with more members and more artefacts equipped. Turbo mode seems to make it even worse somehow.

Also, the game crashes from time to time; I cannot remember exactly how my first crash happened, but my second one happened after casting the spell Shellbust. Instead of seeing a stone pillar coming out of the ground, I saw a bunch of white pixels, then the game crashed. I couldn’t send the report since I was in the bus and I have the PS Vita version with Wi-Fi only.

My third crash happened while I was starting a fight. The screen went white then it crashed. This time I was on break at work so I could use work’s Wi-Fi and send the report. This is after only 5 hours of play time. Now I save after every fights but this is annoying, especially since my last crash was just before I finished a side quest.

I read on Steam that you don’t intend to patch the game anymore; does it mean that the low performance and the crashes are gonna stay? If so, is there any way to get a refund? Because this is the only PS Vita game I ever had that actually crashes, I never knew this was even possible, and the huge slowdowns in fights are unbelievable, especially with the retro graphics and how Siralim 1 ran perfectly no matter how many things were going on in a fight.

Sorry for the troubles! I submitted a patch to Sony yesterday to optimize the game a bit more for Vita (should be out in a few days), and if further troubles arise I can continue patching until it’s perfect.

Thanks for the quick answer and for the promise of fixing the Vita version. I shall be more patient and wait for the patch. (and the ones after if necessary)

I really loved the first game but only ever played it on the Vita; although the game is great I’d rather have it portable instead of on the PC and I don’t like playing games on my phone so I was really looking forward to the Vita version.

Thanks for the support and I hope the Vita version will improve soon. Looking forward to that first patch.

Yes, unfortunatelly I must agree with Procura. :confused:
The game runs really bad, especially during combat and the many crashes are quite the problem as well.
I would even go as far as to say that in this state, the game is nearly unplayable.
To me it looks like the Vita port is broken beyond repair, especially since the flaws are not only grave but also very obvious and not hidden at all, so you must have known about them, but were unable to fix them.
But of course I would love to be proven wrong here.
After all the Vita is my favourite handheld and Siralim 2 one of my favourite games of 2016.

If however you really should be unable to repair the game, you might want to consider taking the Vita version out of the store, if possible, for you’re not doing this awesome game a favour by selling it in this state.

Sorry that you’re frustrated. A patch is coming, and if necessary, more will follow.

Horrible port. Feels like a waste of money right now. This needs to be removed from the store until it’s fixed. I spent part of my months gaming money on a game that is unplayable. Ps4 already got an update but now Vita?

I don’t control the rate at which patches come out, Sony does. Sorry.

I can’t remove the game from the store, because that’s not how it works.

I am doing literally everything in my power right now to resolve the issue. I will repeat one more time: a patch is being approved as we speak. It fixes the problems. The issues are not permanent, and will be resolved in just a few couple of days.

The patch was released here in Europe today and so far it really seems to have helped a lot.
The battles still take a few moments before they actually start, but other than that they run much more fluid than before. Good job!
I haven’t encountered any crashes so far either, but of course that could’ve just been luck.
Anyway, thanks a lot for fixing the problem so swiftly.

Edit: One thing though, it appears as if the “Ultra Turbo Mode” wasn’t really working.
I think it is supposed to make the battle messages advance automatically, which it does only for one or two fights and then just seems to stop working.
Then, when a battle starts, the message “A hostile group of creatures led by a _____ appeared” stands there indefinitely until you press (x), which then seems to stop the “Ultra Turbo Mode” from working properly.
Not the biggest deal, but I would love if this could be adressed in a future patch.

Edit 2: If it is of any help to you, I just noticed that the problem with the unfunctional “Ultra Turbo Mode” apparently only occurs when facing normal enemies on the map.
As far as I can tell it works fine during event encounters, for example the creatures attacking you when searching Regalis’ eggs.

Okay, bad news I fear.
Now that I’ve advanced further into the game, the initial problems mentioned by Procura reappeared.
They started again around realm level 10-12 and as of realm level 16 they are pretty much almost as bad as they were before the patch. :confused:
It really looks as if the port needed a ton of more work, guys.
As I am no programmer, I don’t know how to help you, but maybe adding the option to skip all animations might help. I think the biggest problem is all the calculations running in the background, all the automatic spell casts and abilities, but perhaps that would be a nice first step to tackle this, quite frankly, huge problem we got here with the Vita port and as I’ve just read the PS4 port as well.

Hey, just wanted to do a follow up following the patch.

After downloading the patch, I started a whole new game. I noticed the game now crashes when you cast the Aftermath spell during the tutorial as a Chaos Mage. I didn’t try the other classes, I was too eager to finally start playing and the Chaos mage is my favorite class.

However you can complete the tutorial with normal attacks and the spell doesn’t crash the game anymore after the tutorial, so that’s somewhat minor, although it might throw off new players who want to try their new spell gem in the tutorial.

The game runs much, much, much faster now. There’s still some noticeable slowdowns in big fights, such as 6 VS 6 fights, but it’s not so bad as to make the game impossible to play. It’s slower than Siralim 1 but still quick enough to be enjoyable, at least to me.

Also the game seems much more stable; I still had 1 crash after casting a spell in a fight, but my game is now at 11 hours of time played, so one crash in 11 hours is still less than some of my PC games so I can’t complain too much. It’s still the only VITA game I ever saw crashing, but I don’t want to complain too much.

Right now I’m satisfied but if you could optimise the game a bit more that would be even better, although even if it stays that way I’ll be satisfied, the game is fun and unique enough to compensate the technical difficulties.

I’m still amazed though; I don’t know much about programming and I know you said the VITA has less RAM than most smart phones, but it runs 3D action games in online multiplayer, such as Soul Sacrifice, with no slowdowns and no crashes, and I also have Disgaea 4 on it, which was a PS3 game with a lot of numbers and, I assume, internal calculations, and it runs perfectly. I still find hard to believe that a game with graphics similar to a SNES or even a NES could have so much trouble running on it. However, I know nothing about those things so I guess maybe the console’s strengths just aren’t appropriate for your game or something.

In any case I just wanted to give some feedback. Thank you a lot for your work and for a wonderful game. Just take my negative comments as my initial reaction; I still love the game and I definitively don’t want a refund anymore now.

PS: I read the last post by Darshe Martin; right now I’m at Realm 14 and although the game is a bit slower than at the beginning (at I said the slowdowns are noticeable), it’s still extremely playable and much, much better than before. I did deactivate Turbo mode and let Normal mode though after reading on the Steam forums that Turbo mode could actually make the game slower. I know the Steam forums mainly talk about the PC version but I still tried on the VITA and it seems to help. Also keep in mind that I love automatic spells and thus all my monsters have spell gems that cast automatically on defend, hit, kill, etc. And yes it does seem to make the game slower, but again, not as bad as the original version. I might give more feedback when I’m a bit farther into the game, if it’s as bad for me as it is for Darshe Martin.

Thanks for the feedback Procura! Not sure why it would crash during the tutorial when you casted Aftermath, so that’s a good start for me to look into.

Graphics don’t have a lot to do with RAM - in fact, graphics are hardly ever going to be a bottleneck for most non-AAA games at this point. RAM is basically a device’s short-term memory. Imagine trying to memorize a 1000 digit number. You’d probably be able to memorize the first few tens of numbers easily enough, but after a while, the rate at which you can recall the numbers would either slow down or stop entirely. You might even forget the first few numbers you learned in favor of the last few. That’s similar to what happens when a device runs out of memory, except instead of throwing up your hands in frustration, screaming, and grabbing a beer, the Vita simply crashes.

Yes, the problems I described occur when using the Ultra Turbo Mode, which will be removed soon anyway.
When turning off the mode, it runs a lot better, but whilst I understand your argument that some technical problems are an okay price to pay for such a great game, I do not fully agree.
The crashes of course are pretty bad, but I think I could handle them, especially since they are far less common now, as you said.
The at least to me, still very noticable slowdown in combat however, is something I unfortunatelly cannot ignore, for fighting monsters truly makes a gigantic part of this game.
It is especially frustrating when you pick the wrong order in a battle, because the game stuttered whilst scrolling down the commands.

With all due respect, if the Vita really is incapable of fully handling the game, I think it would’ve been best not to sell it on this console then. :confused:
However, I still believe that you will be able to make it work perfectly soon, Zack! ^-^

The optimization patch is complete and will be rolling out for Vita and PS4 soon! Battles are lag-free, memory crashes are non-existent, and there’s no more slowdown in the overworld. Realms load much more quickly, there’s no delay before/after battle, and the interface is now much more responsive.

Are the optimizations Vita / PS4 specific? Or, can they benefit the PC and mobile version as well.

It’s more about how graphics are loaded, which isn’t the bottleneck in other platforms. There might be a slight boost in performance on other platforms, but it would pretty much be negligible.

Chiming in to voice my appreciation for the patch attention and the hope that it works out. I just bought the game a few hours ago - have been waiting for it for a while - and was starting to notice lots of dropped inputs during battles and slow loads for menus.

My understanding is that one patch has been applied and another is poised to roll out soon. Is that correct?

Yes, it’s being tested by Sony now! I made a lot of improvements to make sure everything is as optimized as possible. During my own testing, I didn’t find any slowdowns, crashes, or anything like that at all with the upcoming patch.

Come on Sony!! Been refreshing my vita every hour in the hopes that the new patch is uploaded. Any idea how long before they will put it online?

Been playing on the PS4 and the update for that one has made it the best siralim version yet! Add the toilet gaming functionality of a vita and weve got ourselves a super classic!

I think it should only be 1-2 more days for NA, but I have no idea what they’re doing in EU right now - things are moving really slowly over there for some reason.

[quote=“psycho_grizz, post:18, topic:3314”]Come on Sony!! Been refreshing my vita every hour in the hopes that the new patch is uploaded. Any idea how long before they will put it online?

Been playing on the PS4 and the update for that one has made it the best siralim version yet! Add the toilet gaming functionality of a vita and weve got ourselves a super classic![/quote]

Can’t you just remote play into your PS4? I’m not sure, don’t have a Vita.