Vita Release?


I’ve been following Siralim 2 with interest. I’ve put off buying it on Steam because I don’t think my data will transfer to the Vita version when it comes out, but it’s been an awfully long time and I haven’t heard anything about the Vita release lately.

Is that still coming? If so, when? I thought it was expected to come out in November.

I have indeed read that. It has no word on a Vita release aside from ‘maybe’, when before it was ‘yes’ way back in the original announcement and in previous updates. That’s why I’m asking.

According to that, there are 4 steps:

1 - Fix any bugs or crashes related to the expansion.

2 - Release the game for PS4 and maybe Vita.

3 - Release the game for Xbone

4 - Release Siralim 1’s final patch

So you’ll have to wait until all the bugs and crashes are fixed, which should be January assuming he doesn’t work on the holidays. I don’t know how long Sony takes to review games but if I had to guess I’d say it’ll be a Q1 2017 release. Just a guess, though.