Vlora's Trick and Wormhole

After putting the trait Vlora’s Trick on a creature and casting Wormhole on them in battle I was hoping to have an explosion of damage hit the enemies. That didn’t happen…nothing did. Is this bugged, or does using Wormhole not count as moving a creature to the top of the timeline (in which case, what does)?


You need effects that specifically say “moves creature to the top of the Timeline” for this trait to work.

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Thanks Zack, I’ll start digging to find some!

Found a way to make it go:

After healing my creature (Carnal Genesis doesn’t seem to fire if they are already at full HP and don’t gain any back) a new ability activated that decimated the enemies.

Though, it wasn’t called Vlora’s Trick, but was instead called “Shadowstep”. Is this intentional, or misnamed?

This is a typo - thanks, fixed for the next patch!

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