Voodoo Ritual + Multistrike?

Does the Witch Doctor Hexer’s Voodoo Ritual (After attacking, 50% chance to Stun target for 1 turn. If successful, 50% chance to continue afflicting more enemies with Stun until the roll fails) work with multistrike or Midnight Feast?

Like if he hits several times does the stun chance and bonus stuns also proc?

What about a fallen Carnage with the voodoo ability? Would that work?

Multistrike does NOT actually provide additional [normal] attacks. Multistrike provides a chance to deal bonus damage, but does NOT provide extra opportunities to activate status effects. In particular, Multi-strike does not have any synergy with Voodoo Ritual.

However, Voodoo Ritual works very well with any ability that gives a creature another turn (or another regular attack). Fallen Carnage (or Skeleton Marksman) ability works great with Voodoo Ritual.