'W' stuck permanently ***never mind***

Or I guess it could be “Up”… Though the first time it happened, it was global even, and pressed ‘W’ in the text editor, browser URL line, wherever I would click. I took out and cleaned the ‘W’ key because I thought that must be it, but it didn’t help either. Finally, when I Alt+F4ed out of Siralim, I had control of ‘W’ again :slight_smile:

However, every time I start Siralim 3 now, the cursor in the main menu still keeps racing as if I was holding down ‘W’. I tried rebooting the PC and even uninstalling and reinstalling Siralim 3, but nothing helps.

Any suggestions? I am basically locked out of playing Siralim 3 until somebody comes up with a solution :frowning:

Windows 10

Try unplugging everything from your USB ports. If that doesn’t work, make sure you don’t have any gamepad software like Xpadder or Joy2Key running.

Wow… turns out I just had a joypad lying around somewhere, with the stick stuck holding Up :slight_smile: Still funny why I would spam ‘W’ no matter where I went :slight_smile:

Anyway, it’s fixed now. No bug, just my fault :slight_smile: