Waht do you think about the Heart of Darkness?

I don´t know… Using the heart training is very easy. Running around, raid the land and all the chests and pacmanning all the enemys without fighting is nice and fun, but… Unsatisfieing. But if I fight against the actual realm enemies, I get a bit more EXP, but have to spend much more time.

What do you think?

I think it is unfortunate if repeatedly grinding low-level realms with Heart of Darkness is the most efficient way to gain XP or resources.

Currently, my rough calculations are that I gain more XP per minute farming the highest possible realm (the highest really that I can farm safely) than I do farming low-level with Heart of Darkness. However, that is just my observation with my current team, I would be interested to hear about other people’s experiences.

Also, I think it might be a good idea to slightly reduce resource/XP gains from Heart of Darkness farming, especially if some players are finding that to be the most efficient way for them to farm.

I’ve turned mine off solely because I am worried about missing Singularity creatures. I don’t mind the time spent on the fights, personally, but I can definitely see the issue with it being the most efficient way to level up; it seems odd that essentially skipping through content would be the “best” way to progress.

Heart of Darkness farming is definitely most efficient. Even at 1/2 your level, you get a nice chunk of XP and resources for doing nothing other than running over mobs. This leaves out the fact that the realm/favor gain is also much quicker.

Here’s the changes I’d propose:

  1. Set Heart of Darkness XP/Resources to 1/10th of what they are now
  2. Set enemy creature movement to 1 per 3 tiles moved by the player
  3. Treasure Golems ignore Heart of Darkness

Now you can chase things down to your heart’s content, but you’ll get vastly lower resources. It’s still good in a pinch if you need resources, but it’s not the sole end-all, be-all to fast farming. Battles will still provide significantly more.

Nothing really. Low realms are good somewhat if you want to grind god rep. And only god rep. If you can provide a good offsensive party its much more efficient to go highest realms with instakill. Since you need to open up levels anyway + more resources etc. IF higherst level fights takes more than 1-2 rounds and you need god rep badly can consider it. But tbh idk it has some limited usage. And dont even consider resources/exp from those mobs. Better spend that time on trying new party/gem combos. Idk maybe on superhigh party levels those resources will get good, like 1k+ per group then you can spawn torture chamber or so and run if you lack that few K. but again cmon :stuck_out_tongue: I think its a feature to help players to grind god rep when they are struggling with game, or just messed something up with party/char/etc and cant progress effectively.

You get a small amount of XP/Resources. You’ll get much more farming at your max realm range for your team. Mainly, you save time.

In exchange, you give up on cores, cards, singularity creatures, ect.

Useful for the initial Deified grinds for the gods. Less useful after.

This should basically depend on what level you are at. The further you proceed, the larger the difference becomes between your max realm depth and the maximum depth for Heart of Darkness.
I was at level 24 trying to grind to defeat the boss at depth 18. Battling through depth 17 would only yield about 50% more resources/xp than what I would get from farming depth 12. So for now, low-level farming seems to be more efficient, but it gets worse and worse over time.

It is okay,

personally I think that farming higher level tiers is more effective, but well, nobody forces you to to anything and ypu can turn it off.
I used it it alone with Saia to test how much do i have to kill to increase Saias Base stats

It’s an ill conceived mechanic that no one asked for. It makes Deified with all gods automatic and a no-brainer.

The game is trivial at low levels we don’t need / want an even easier mode.

[quote=“robertleva, post:9, topic:4147”]It’s an ill conceived mechanic that no one asked for. It makes Deified with all gods automatic and a no-brainer.

The game is trivial at low levels we don’t need / want an even easier mode.[/quote]

I disagree. If you are at realm level 50 and want to get Torun to deified, it is going to be easy anyway, so why force the player to participate in these no-brainer battles?
Perhaps none asked for this feature, but at least for me it is very welcome.

And as has already been stated, it is possible to disable the item, so if you wish to fight level 3 monsters, by all means, please do.

I think the idea behind the item is to enable players to explore older realms without being annoyed by an infinite onslaught of enemies, because, let’s nor forget, in the older Siralim games the amount of monsters per realm was (mostly) finite (which I, personally, liked better). In Siralim 3 however it isn’t, so some kind of balancing was due.

I disagree. The real commodity in Siralim is real life time. How long it takes you to do things, how efficient doing those things are, and the strive to make those things happen faster are what drives you to create powerful team.

If you simply have a mechanic like this that you can turn on and effciently farm resources and favor, that trivializes the whole process.