"Wait/Pass" command to avoid forced forfeit.

Just did a sigil and was forced to forfeit. No defend/provoke on sigil, enemy had reroute to remain, my creature had channeling, no available target to extract. Only thing I could do was forfeit.

Could we have a “do nothing” command by default, which would then be replaced by mage perk commands? I could have won that sigil if I could have taken a turn with a different creature.

While this hasn’t happened to me yet, it is largely because I try to avoid using sigils that make it potentially possible.

At the very least we need a way to skip your turn for those times when you can’t defend/provoke, have single target gems, and all enemies are invisible…

Couldnt you target an enemy? Why not target one of your team to pass the turn?

This could definitely come up, I’ve been pretty close a couple times. Can also happen with no mana.

To target your own team you would need an attack/spell available that wasn’t going to destroy your team…

Unless you specifically have a spell that has very low/0 cost, and that won’t debuff/seriously wound the target, then that isn’t really an option.

And you would have to have 1 spell gem like this on all of your creatures because you don’t know which one is going to get stuck…

My only available action was extract, which is enemy only. And the whole enemy crew was locked.