Want your name immortalized in Siralim forever?

The next patch includes an overhaul of the Major Sigil system. There will be a Major Sigil for every creature in the game, and they’ll all drop their respective ability’s legendary crafting material. That’s a lot of content and I think it’ll be a lot of fun since Major Sigils include preconstructed teams, so they’ll be ultra challenging.

I want to name some of the Major Sigil bosses after members of this community. If you’d like to name a boss, post a name here. Some restrictions:

  1. The name must be 16 letters or less in length, and cannot contain any numbers/punctuation. Letters only.

  2. It must be one word in length.

  3. It must be an original, roleplay-esque name. It’s fine if it’s from some kind of obscure fiction or something like that, but nothing too obvious. Names like Obama and Charmeleon won’t work. Aeolian or Jorlen work fine.

  4. One name per person only.

  5. If you want to be named after a specific creature, specify that as well. I can’t make any promises with this part, but I’ll try!

I would be honored if ‘Hyfrydle’ could be considered :slight_smile:


I wanted a major sigil named Obama! Oh well, if Aeolian is already approved, sign me up!

I’m pretty sure Rotten Carnage is your favorite, so I’ll name you after that!

Sehagalavan, anyone?

Oh wow… That made me chuckle. Haven’t looked at that guy since 1.0.12 yet.

You would think more people would take you up on this offer?

The offer was also given to people on the TouchArcade forum and a few took the offer there instead :slight_smile: Surprisingly, Siralim gets more action there than it does on its own forums.

I honestly can’t think of a name for myself - and Jamosup wouldn’t really be appropriate; so I was thinking volunteering for a friend and suggesting “Ahzethul” if that would be alright - it would be most fitting if it was for a monster focused around healing or at least magic. Thanks!

I would like to throw out Kupan for something like the Lich Overseer, or something similar that makes actually killing off the party a pain. If I were to design the party it would be something like front half as Hellmouths or Delirious Ghouls and back half as Lich Overseers ;D

Cerebov – name after something that is humanoid, fiery, and sword-wielding. :slight_smile:

I’d love to have Lekon as a named critter. I’ve been able to sneak that name into a few other games as well, so seeing my good ol’ name on a new villain would be a hoot.

Sergoth, my standard go to for all RPG’s and D&D campaigns. Playing as a gnome I once split an undead kobold in half after rolling a nat 20. Yeah, Sergoth’s sort of a badass.

I’d be honored if my go to roleplay name was immortalized in your game :slight_smile: (Taokan).

I’m running out of names. If you guys have any more you want to see in the game, feel free to post multiple names now.

Hi Zack,

I had already suggested Bewi on Toucharcade forum.

If you need more names, feel free to pick on this list (I’m afraid I have a lot of short names to offer !) :

  • Milo
  • Maya
  • Betty
  • Lupa
  • Lupo
  • Caillou
  • Cacaille
  • Oktar
  • Sheryl

Could you let me know which ones you keep if you keep any ?

I’ll throw a few names out there:
Some are names I’ve used and some are just some I’ve made up, feel free to use whichever you want.

Thanks a lot, both of you!

I’ve used the name “Shardz” as a game name alias since Doom was released back on the early 90’s.Since then, countless games have shards as items, power ups and quest items, which always make me smile a bit. Countless games since Doom have hosted my character online and in single player modes in almost every genre known to man. I am here today to submit my name as requested, although the spelling might not be conducive and the countless iterations of usage in past games might hamper my chances somewhat. But, my offer would be my honor just the same. Keep up the great work on this from of a game - it’s a keeper for sure.