Wanted to thank you and report a bug

First of all, Thank you so much! this game is incredible, and I am so sad I didnt know about it or the other games you made before a day or two ago.

It makes me so happy and I am enjoying the heck out of it!

Second… I have a strange issue when the game lags beyond playability and it cant even get into the game from the menues very easily when i play on a high refresh rate monitor. When i plug my computer into a desktop monitor that is older with lower refresh rate the game runs smooth as butter. so I just wanted to let you know in case there is something that can be done in the future. I would like to eventually be able to play the game without extra monitors hooked into my laptop. Its a wierd bug but I saw some people posting about the bug and explaining that they tracked it down to being their high refresh rate monitor that lagged like mad and that is the same issue I ran into as well.

Thanks again this game is incredible and a complete godsend!

If there is anything I can ever do to help feel free to let me know, this has all the nostalgia of my youth with all the more modern systems and ideas of the now. It’s incredible. The artist involved is incredible as well, it’s difficult to do such intricate pixelated artwork on so many unique creatures. been there tried it… did not succeed. So props to whoever is working on the art, and thanks for the game! Cant wait to see where it goes from here!

Hope you’re doing well!

Thanks for the kind words! I’m happy to hear you enjoy the game.

I will look into the issue regarding high refresh rate monitors. Thanks for the report!

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Thank you! I am now unsure if it’s directly tied to the monitors or not, as since the recent update I have been severely lagging as well. I will continue to try messing with things and seeing what I can figure out. Even on the monitor that was working is is lagging out now. So I will keep you posted, thank you again! loving the game so far! I would think if I can run baldurs gate 3 and DOS2 I should be able to run this fine :slight_smile: I will let you know with an update if i work anything out

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I have also started to have random slow down while walking around maps and some times with multi hit spells. Have not noticed anything in the castle or single hit attacks.

Have you tried a frame limiter? Externally limiting the game to 60fps might solve the problem for now