Wardrobe Transmogrification Avatar Skins

The update the the Transmogrification option in the wardrobe allows players to equip skins as long as they have level 10 mastery of that race unlocked; however, there isn’t an option to unlock this feature for the avatars. It would be cool if this was a potential unlock for gate of the gods for killing the gods 10 times.

Also, as a side note, it would be cool if you could fuse unlocked creature wardrobe options to make unique overworld sprites for your character. For example it may be possible to fuse lister and make him white with a blood diamond.

I know you can get Avatar sprites already, but I’m not sure how it happens, I know I have Meraxis, at least.

You can unlock their costume for the Gate of the Gods, you just can’t wear their skins you unlock from there.

Oh, I understand now. Yeah I really like the Radiant Surathli, but yeah, those can’t be used as player skins currently. I didn’t get it at first.