Warning: Mage and creature levels roll back after passing lv20k

[size=18pt]Note: this happens on Siralim 1, NOT Siralim 2![/size]

Nethers, normal creatures, and mage all overflow? a little past lv20k.

For the mage: Invest all royalty points before lv20k and don’t reset them until passing lv20k again.

Nether and normal creatures stats are the same as their overflowed level.

They will continue to gain levels past lv30k+ even though the exp bar is no negative.

Zack, any thoughts on why this is happening?
I don’t expect this to be fixed.


This game doesn’t support the big number system like Siralim 2. I think I only saw 1-2 other people who ever got to this high of a level in Siralim 1 so it was never something that was pressing to address, and I honestly didn’t really know how to address it back then.

It’s amazing that I was able to recover the levels though. So, the game kinda fixed itself after an hour or two of grinding.

Wait, so you know the issue and their is no way to fix it? This seems like a big issue since the game advertises infinite gameplay…