Ways to mitigate and buff status effect and percentage-based spells?

We can mitigate and buff the spells that deal direct damage, and buff our healing spells, but spells that deal with status effects or do things based on a percentage can’t really be buffed or mitigated. I cast a spell that causes burn x% of the time? I can’t improve that. Enemy casts that same spell? I can’t reduce the impact of it. I cast a buff that improves my creature’s stats by x%? Can’t improve it. I just find it a little disappointing that there’s no way to affect these spells.

The thing about percent based anything is that it’ll always scale. It’s powerful as it is. Since most of the spells have gone from being percent based and are now solid amounts (making almost all of them rather useless now) the ability to buff them is most likely some form of compensating for their severe lack of potency. Percent based spells don’t need any help.

What I want is for the spells to be able to be changed, but also rebalanced accordingly, so they would go from “not needing any help” to “needing help like the spells that use solid amounts.” The improvements and protection could reach a limit as you improve it as well, so you couldn’t have a +1000% attack bonus spell or make a spell have a 0% chance to hit you.

This mostly came about after I realized spell power only affected the solid amounts and spell damage reduction was the same way. It just made them feel underpowered and made the percentage based and status effect spells seem so much better.

That’s because percentage based and status effect spells are so much better. I think rather than try and mess with those spells, which actually have a bit of use, why not suggest a change to the spells which are heavily lacking in effectiveness?
In all honesty, even most of the percent based spells are “alright” rather than great; they merely scale to always be that way, rather than fall off sharply after your creatures pass level 30 (at least that’s the level that I notice most non-percent based spells losing any significant worth… which is extremely quickly.) Perhaps it’s merely perspective, but number based spells are weak and percent based spells are consistently decent and status effect spells are more useful the higher you go. But perhaps that’s what the goal was? Hmmm. I’ve kind of moved away from spells with the new system for these reasons, so I suppose I hold my own bias about it.

Know what? Let’s say that this was a big issue indeed. Than it comes to…how would you solve it?

One way is to add a ‘resistance’ stat, but that seems more like a pain in the butt than anything else.

In my mind, the most practical solution would be to add another status modification, most likely something named Veil or the like which essentially soaks up that pesky stun or poison or blight or what the particular flavor of the day is, before it fades itself.

A “veil” buff would be quite an interesting and agreeable addition, I think. That’s a brilliant suggestion. Perhaps there could be spells that bestow it and even new creatures that give it as an ability! Having a way to counter bleed debuffs, which tend to one shot my super speedy creatures, would be an amazing game mechanic.

I like the idea of veil, just not nerfing bleed by allowing an off set. I use bleed to target main bosses, combined with stun. Works wonders to cut them down to size.

See, bleed destroys most of my team in one go, since I go for speedier creatures, so something to not get team wiped in one or two rounds against bleed would be nice on my side. I’ve never really had a problem cutting down bosses, since I rely on stun, sleep, and infection/disease tactics along with the heavy hits. (Although now that calm is in the bag, I’ll probably switch sleep to calm instead.)
And it’s not like veil will be in every enemy line up. It also would probably best work like barrier, where it dissipates after a number of Stat hits. The creature with the ability might work like others where it casts it on an ally when it attacks, rather than giving it as a permanent buff.

OK so we make you creatures drunk??? 50% more luck and 50% less speed.

No, but I see your point. Some how it never bothered me as a issue. I hate poison, but that and burn are the only things that seem to slow me down. Well shear damage does, but thats not a status effect. I really noticed bleed when I used it for the first time on the pandemonium king. Woot to super efficient. Stun him and let him bleed… Works.
As to an off set hmmm… Well we have a creature that heals from poison, so, is it reasonable to have some sort of clot monster? Sounds horrible but might work with an ability that say offers a stacking percentage to dismiss the bleed effect before it triggers. Say 25% first round of bleed and if that doesn’t work 50% second round 75% 3rd round. It would offer a much reduced chance for the full damage, and maybe offer a mitigation on a portion of that damage even if it isn’t dismissed.
I haven’t worked much with dispel magic, but does it work on bleed, if it doesn’t maybe it should, with another spell set as a preemptive for say 2 rounds that blocks those effects from actually landing. Just my thoughts on this

Dispel is the only thing I know of that can stop bleed or burn. Antidote stops poison, disease, and infection. But there isn’t a burn or bleed counter part. My tank is a necropolis, so poison is definitely a heavily used Stat effect for me. A heal from bleed creature would be crazy amazing. I know that there is a heal from burn creature; volcanic efreet, I believe it’s called.

Perhaps it can actually be separated into two different effects, perhaps one that stops negative effects from landing on your creatures, and another that can disrupt positive effects from landing on the enemy creatures. I think that could be fairly interesting.

Oooh, an anti-buff of sorts would be a very interesting mechanic. Especially useful in later levels where spells seem much more abundant. Would the two spells (anti-debuff and anti-buff) work by an amount of turns or would it be like a buff that is diminished by procs? As in, it stays on until it is triggered?

I think that it would be best to have it set as a max turns( lets start with say 5) with a dismiss on use feature. That way it is less about never having effects, but more about strategy on when to use it. less like the barrier spell and more like shell.

Like shell with a timer. I like that thought; definitely a strategy enriching idea. If you’re reading all this Zack, you’ve got some fans eager for some exiting and enhancing content here! :3