Ways to optimize Ressource income?

Hi there,

i’m currently around mage (chaos) lv 110 and constantly lacking Ressources…

A few questions:

  1. How is the chaos mage trait “Carve and Spit” actually working?
    “When your creatures kill an enemy, they have a (+1% per rank) chance to drop additional resources based on their class.”

  2. Gold golems have the trait Chip Off the Block, is the trait worth it?
    “After this creature is attacked by an enemy, you gain some resources.”

I mean both look nice, but as we all know in siralim 2 looks can be decieving.

Are there other ways besides punishments (i already use a few of them) and “+xx amount of a Ressorce per battle” artifacts to increase my income?

Something I’m wondering too. I have several punishments and a good amount of points in Carve and Spit and I still have constant resource issues. Mage level is in the 300s. I’m starting to experiment with + gains on artifacts. You can get 120 of a resource per battle if you put it on all your creatures…

The only way I’ve found to quickly gain resources is through sigils. It may be smart to turn leveling off though as you get so much experience they can out gene level you pretty quickly.

But yeah, the only resource I have too much of is essence.