weird bugs

sometimes when my creatures attack they do a very low amount of damage like 1/6-1/5 their normal damage.
when that happens they also dont trigger other creatures traits (bombardment) or even their own (flay doesnt trigger the bleed),
but cast on hit spells gems can still trigger.
(and yes im aware it migth be class specific shields that cause the lesser damage but traits should still trigger)

also barrier still seems kinda buggy sometimes when enemys cast it (this never happens with start of battle barriers) and i attack the creature with barrier
it will show my damage as (–x) [instead of (-x)]. the barrier does seem to actually get (–x) so (+x) as i just cant seem to deplete it ever, even though
i quite certainly should. spells seem to work normal as their damage is always shown as (-x) and after a barrier is depleted attacks work like normal again too.


well pls read more carefuly as i said they do deal damage and the traits dont trigger.
also im quite sure i edited in the shields part before you responded :wink:
on a side note im quite certain 0 cant proc on hit since before it was 0 it was “miss”
(but just to be clear on the shield/maybe just resistance as secondary stat its definitly not that since it happens only to one of my sorcery creatures while the other attacks like normal)