Weird interaction with Drain Mana

Soucery Tranformation states that if allies lose mana they instead gain 100% of that mana, for enemys its the opposite. Then I use Drain Mana on a Enemy Creature It loses 30 Mana but all my Creatures also lose 15 Mana. If I use it on an ally it gives 30 Mana to that Creature but takes 15 Mana from it and all allies.

And Sourcery Tranformation doesnt react to the Trait Haven, which gives all allies a Barrier with a strengh of 150% of their maximum Health if this Creature is defending but it takes 100% Mana away (it loses mana) from that Creature.

Drain Mana states: Target loses 30 mana, my creatures gain 15 mana

I dont know if all of this is intended or not but if it is, it makes Sourcery Transformation pretty much useless.