Well, hi!

Realised I didn’t actually do the introducing thing. I bought the game a bit over a week ago and have been wasting basically all of my time on it since then, as well as lurking these forums.
I come from a somewhat gaming oriented background as it is. Played a lot of WoW, League and Hearthstone, as well as multiple dungeon crawlers. This game is so much up my alley that I’ve basically forgotten about playing anything else. I also love the fact that it’s so easy to get in touch with Thylacine Studios, meaning that it feels like you can actually have an impact at the future of the game as a player.

Overall, I love the game, the community seems great and it promotes intellectual discussions. T’s awesome!

Welcome, and thanks for the kind words!

Welcome aboard, Cephyr!

Didn’t see Neverwinter Nights 1-2 on your list. So we can’t be friends, and you won’t get my new signature.

…don’t look at me. It’s the law!

Welcome to the forums though. Now, let’s all endulge in the awesomeness that is Siralim!


That’d be because if I were to ramble up every game I’ve played during the last two decades, the list would grow endlessly long and y’all would probably bail on the thread faster than the people bailed from the Titanic. I have, of course, played both NWN 1&2. :slight_smile: I would still not rank them on my top10 games though, probably top20.

Also, who needs a new signature?

Do you hear that? That’s the sound of a crying kobold bard. You did that. You monster, you!

T’was my pleasure!
Effin kobolds…