What are the best nether creatures (with buff/traits)?

I have seen Brim Smith (emerald) and Stronghold so far. I recently obtained a brim smith and artifcact with high attack so I will go that direction for now. But can players share the nether (with buff/artifcact/perks) they are sure are best?

There’s not really a “best” as it largely depends on your setup and strategy. Stronghold, Fallen Carnage, Troll Arsonist, and Brim Smith are some of the better early creatures. The issue with these is that they are heavily tied to stats, which your enemies will eventually outscale as you travel to higher levels.

I don’t think there’s many early debuff creatures, but think in terms of leveling the enemy’s health or stats regardless of it being 100 or 1,000,000 value. Those are the key abilities that will allow you to go to high levels. For instance, Paranormal Slimes allow you to copy the stats of your enemies. Spitting Worm can quickly decimate an enemy’s defenses. Timeless Master’s ability to reduce any enemy HP to 1 also provides some endless scaling possibilities.

I’ve heard that a Beserker Fiend with a crapton of emerald echantments is suposed to be awesome.

This is by no means an infinite depth build for Berserker Fiend but should get you pretty deep:

  • Berserker Fiend: Non-demon nether, All Emerald
  • Artifact Ability: Mortar Combat - Because this is NOT a direct attack (instead indirect to all enemies) , Berserker Fiend will NOT get recoil damage since the recoil only applies to a direct attack to a single target. On top of that he will still recover 10% health due to his innate ability Outrage.
  • Artifact Enchants: Proficient Buff, then ATK for remaining slots

If you had a nether demon, I suppose his most ideal second ability would be Brim Smith’s Dissection.