What creatures are you bringing with you ? Share your teams!

Siralim 1 had its topic : http://thylacinestudios.com/forums/general-discussion-1/what-does-your-creature-team-consist-of/120/

I’m curious to see what you are all playing with, and why. There is an adventure log section on the forum but it’s not about stories here, just about sharing your favorite team(s).

My Chaos mage is level 24 i think, realm 16. I go with many different settings for fun, to try things around. So far mostly i had simply the first creatures i could get from deities, and now i start to find my mood, so i can’t really answer my own question… I like my Bat with Bombardement, attacks after every successful attack by my aother creatures, and my Necrotic Crutcher attacks each time an enemy evade.

What about you ?

I tried different attack/spell teams before fiddeling with and settling on an all speed caster nuke team.

Its surprisingly resilient with the ophan life per spell gem trait and a big “true light” cast at the beginning of the battle.
No real artifact tweaking (some ophan or familiar traits would be awesome here), just immune to silence and speed.

Two spells are usually enough to decide the battle, even if it goes into a longer fight… lets just say with 0 defense even a caster can club you down.
Thinking about switching the familiars with something else at some point, but nothing has caught my eye yet.

I’m a level 100 death mage using a revive/stat buff team. I have all the pieces for it to be functional, but I still have a handful of traits I can change around.

Core Team:
Nadin Rift Dancer - Effects that trigger on death trigger twice
Phase Champion - After an enemy is killed, revive all allies with 20% HP. Artifact Trait - Reduce all non-spell/attack damage by 95%
Gravebane Wight - When this creature dies, deal 40% of its maximum HP to enemies.
Terror Wight - When an allied creature dies, gain 25% of its Stats, Artifact Trait - When this creature gains stats, reduce all enemy stats by 50% of the value.

Misc Creatures:
Moon Hunter - When this creature attacks, hit another enemy for either 25% or 100% damage.
Viper Occultist - 65% of this creatures speed counts to intelligence for spells

I use a Viper Occultist as my caster as they have a high base speed which also counts towards its damage. It definitely isn’t as one-shotty as other casters, but will kill almost everything at my level. I use a Moon Hunter mainly because I like the look of the Hunters, and needed a fast creature to get rid of certain enemy traits or cast buffs before anyone else goes.

The main power here is with the Terror Wight/Nadin Rift Dancer combo. My Terror Wight has Dark Ritual, which kills an ally to gain 50% of its Attack, Intelligence, and Defense. As this doesn’t give speed, I’ve prioritized Attack/Defense on my Gravebane Wight to give the most benefit. When using Dark Ritual on the Gravebane Wight I get the stats from Dark Ritual, plus two procs of my Terror Wights passive, meaning I get a total of 100% Attack, Intelligence, Defense, and 50% of its Speed. This also triggers Gravebane Wights Woe passive twice, dealing 80% of his HP. If this effect kills an enemy, it also Revives Gravebane Wight that same turn allowing me to cast everything again on Terror Wights next turn. To top it all off every enemy loses 50% of my Gravenbane Wight’s Attack, Int, Defense, and 25% of its Speed.

Another bonus is from being a Death Mage, when my creatures revive they gain ~50% to all stats, making the whole process even stronger the 2nd time I cast it. This setup also makes me resistant to most drawbacks of higher level enemies, eg: not going first, unable to hit, spell damage falloff, etc. As long as my Terror Wight isn’t the first target, he can generally power up enough to survive anything and revive the party.

This definitely isn’t as strong as some of the 1 shot wombo combos or infinite turn builds, but is a super satisfying build now that turbo mode is here.

I’m still searching my way, so my team is moving a lot. I’m Chaos Mage level 35, Realm 25 i think.

Here is a caps every few levels :

I’m currently trying this, i like quite well so far :

Here’s my current team. It mostly focuses on two things: Poison and snare, with a side of crowd control debuffs.

Arachnalisk tribal is really fun, and the Siralim team did an AMAZING job when it came to capturing the essence of a spider monster: Immobilize prey, let venom slowly do its work.

I’m currently missing the last arachnalisk, so I’ve got an Asura on my team for the free crits.

My main strategy:

-Provoke Spitting arachnalisk with Taunt
-Canopy Arachnalisk snares every monster afterwards
-Woolly arachnalisk increases poison potency when enemies can’t escape snare
-Goliath Arachnalisk inflicts snare when attacked, provoke along with Spitter after initial poisoning
-Dragonlair arachnalisk defends to increase the possibility of snared while poisoned (40%)
-After all enemies poisoned and snared, defend or attack to pick off weakened foes.


-Bad Dreams artifact: enemies start out battle sleeping | Use with rune that keeps enemies asleep

Currently level 133 Nature Mage, Realm level 73.
Current team is;
Mouth of Hell - Self-destructs on Provoke, dealing 200% missing health as damage to all enemies. Artifact trait - Singularity (All allies pool their maximum health, take 50% more damage)
Lich Hellcaster - Triple casts Death spells. Artifact trait - Blood Magic (Converts 20% of Max health into Intelligence at start of turn)
Hammer Lord - Creatures share their artifact buffs with each other. Artifact trait - Channelling (This creature can’t cast spells. Grants 5% more Intelligence to all allies for each Sorcery gem equipped to Hammer Lord.)
Humanitas Sanctus - Allies gain 15% of this creatures Intelligence, Defence, Attack, Speed. Artifact trait - Diligence (Allies are Immune to Stun, Sleep, Frozen, and Snare)
Hurricane - Deals 200% more damage when above 90% health. Artifact trait - nothing yet.
Lich Shadowcaster - Allies cast Death spells as if they have 100% more Intelligence.

My main strategy is to open up battle with a Wormrot to inflict Weak and Vulnerable to all enemies, then buff my teams intelligence by casting Unholy Confessions with my Hellcaster (with Blood Magic and triple cast, I get around 6000 Intelligence to my whole team), at that point I can either pick off enemies one by one with spells if I want to extract cores or one-shot them all with Holy Explosion from my Sanctus. If that strategy fails, I can also use some of my Mouth of Hell’s spell gems that cost Max Health, then provoke to detonate for 10-20k damage. (With Singularity, my whole team has ~11000 health in battle)
Quite enjoying the caster build so far, as I played a melee team in Siralim 1.

Team A:

Raven Batmaster: Your spells use Speed, rather than Intelligence.
Artifact - Hammer Lord: Your minions share their artifact starting buffs (Arcane, Shell, Protect, Invisibility).
Stats: Pure Speed.

2x Death Bat: Whenever an ally casts a spell this minion has a 20% chance to cast Necrosis).
Artifact - Lich Hellcaster: This minion casts all death spells an additional 2 times but at a 50% intelligence penalty.
Stats: Pure Speed.

Frenzy Ghoul: Your minions share 5% of their Speed with each other.
Artifact - Imp Necromancer: Your minions can equip Nature and Death spells but cast them at a 25% mana penalty. The Necromancer is currently bugged and increases mana costs for all spells that aren’t nature spells cast by nature minions.
Stats: Pure Speed.

Delusion Occultist: Your minions are immune to Silence and Scorn.
Artifact - Mana Vortex: Whenever an enemy casts a spell, silence the entire enemy team.
Stats: Pure Speed.

Caustic Cerberus: This minion can’t casts spells but your minions gain 5% stat bonuses, dependent on the spells this minon wears. (Nature for Speed)
Artifact - Industrias Sanctus: Your minions are immune to Snare, Frozen, Stun and Sleep.
Stats: Pure Speed.

Main spells: Dark Whisper, Blur, Necromantic Armor, assorted nukes.

The plan is fairly simple, cast Dark Whisper, buff up with Blur/Necromantic Armor and then AoE the other team down. The setup can boast an amazing amount of spells cast per turn, as the bats will fire off 3 Necrosis’ as the norm, 6 with Multicast and Mua Rune. So if both basts trigger, while you cast an AoE, that translates into 15(!) spells cast, at once!

The drawbacks include spending a lot of time watching animations, core-farming being practically impossible and, of course, the team is very, very squishy.

Team B:

Palace Familiar: Your stat-manipulation spells are 25% stronger per Familiar. (150%)
Artifact - Imp Necromancer: Your minions can equip Nature and Death spells at a 25% mana cost penalty. Currently bugged.
Stats: Pure Intelligence.

Palace Familiar: Your stat-manipulation spells are 25% stronger per Familiar. (150%)
Artifact - Raptor Occultist: Your minions gain 7% intelligence for each Sorcery spell that they entered battle with. (needs a replacement)
Stats: Pure Intelligence.

Palace Familiar: Your stat-manipulation spells are 25% stronger per familiar. (150%)
Artifact - Industrias Sanctus: Your minions are immune to Stun, Sleep, Snare and Frozen.
Stats: Pure Intelligence.

Arcane Familiar: Your spells have a 15% chance, per Familiar, to be cast twice. (90%)
Artifact - Mana Vortex: Silence the enemy team for one turn whenever an enemy casts a spell.
Stats: Pure Intelligence.

Flood Familiar: When one of your Familiars cast a spell, your other minions gain mana equal to 20% of that spells cost.
Artifact - Delusion Occultist: Your minions are immune to Silence and Scorn.
Stats: Pure Intelligence.

Mystical Familiar: Your minons regain 2 mana per turn for each Familiar you control. (12)
Artifact - Hammer Lord: Your minions share their artifact starting buffs with each other. (Arcane, Shell, Protect and Invisible)
Stats: Pure Intelligence.

Main spells: Dust Cloak, Unholy Confession, Necromantic Armour, Spell Flow, Nature’s Wrath, Haste and AoE’s.

After getting frustrated with the constant animation spam of team A. Not to mention realizing that it was more Death heavy, than Sorcery, and that it didn’t “feel” particularly magical. I decided to go for Familiars. They look awesome, support spellcasting and have good-times written all over them. Palace Familiar seemed like the right one to go for, as buffing lets me actually do some proper spellcasting. There was, and is, just one problem however.

It turns out that Sorcery is by far THE worst school for a pure spellcasting team, unless you want to go for Raven Batmaster. Great as a secondary school, though.

I kid you not. Your AoE’s are “meh” in terms of AoE-damage (and yes, I know of Mind Storm, thank you), your stat-boosts only affect friendly Speed and enemy Intelligence, a lot of your spells are either very situational or scale with stats other than Intelligence and you have little-to-none survivability. Heck, all the Intelligence boosting spells are found in Life and Death! I legitimately contemplated switching to Warlock (Chaos Mage), so I could have access to Chaos spells for my birdies. And now that I look at builds like Fire, Poison, Frozen and so on, I get this feeling that the Warlock class might be the better spellcaster as you get so many more options build-wise. And that is in spite of Echo, Mania and Meditation.

…also, Wild Magic is the games worst perk - by far. Okay, there’s Guiding Light, but at least that one does something cool and unique.

But fret’ not! Imp Necromancer is here to save the day with his buggy access to Dust Cloak, Necromantic Armour, Unholy Confessions, Rain of Blood, Nature’s Wrath and more! Sure, I waste mana like it’s nobody’s bussiness (because bug) but that’s why I’ve got all those mana-regen sources. The plan is simple: Survive the first turn, buff up, cast Dust Cloak with the last Familiar, rinse and repeat.

If only Judge Familiar gave your Familiars access to Life and/or Death spells. If only…

Oh, Spell Blast is bugged by the way. It deals insane amounts of damage, even at full mana.

If I post my team, will it get patched in 0.8?

I’ll give you my non nether combo:

Midnight Feast + Lifebinder + Spell Gem Sudden Death w/ HP cost modification.

Supporting Trait options:
Braze + Consumption
Strength of the Mind

Strongest mechanic I’ve used.

Currently replaying the game, for the third time, as a Wizard. And I’ve been doing some extensive testing with the Leper and Masochist tribes. Gotta say that I loooooove the Lepers, but the Masochists have been pretty underwhelming so far.

Tortured Leper - Wrong Side: At the start of battle, afflict each of your creatures with 3 debuffs. The effects of these debuffs are ignored.

Tortured Leper - Wrong Side: At the start of battle, afflict each of your creatures with 3 debuffs. The effects of these debuffs are ignored.

Addled Leper - Lush Licks: Whenever your creatures attack, they inflict their target with a copy of their debuffs.
Artifact trait - Hugs and Kisses: At the start of your creatures turn, they gain a random debuff. The effect of this debuff is ignored.

Favored Masochist - Lust for Punishment: Your creatures deal 30% more damage for each debuff they have.
Artifact trait - Poison Innocuation: Your creatures start the game with Poison for 5 turns and are healed by poison.

Favored Masochist - Lust for Punishment: Your creatures deal 30% more damage for each debuff they have.
Artifact trait - Swiftcasting: Your spells use speed as their potency stat. (I found it on a bow. How could I refuse? How could I refuse?!)

Lurid Masochist - Shrug Off: Whenever a spell or trait checks for any debuffs on your creatures, you have a 30% chance to have those debuffs ignored.
Artifact trait - Absolution: Whenever an enemy creature gains a debuff, a random creature you control gains a random buff.

Also, they all feature Attack/Speed or just plain Speed artifacts. Obviously I haven’t gotten all the materials that I want, yet. But I dare say that I’m pretty darn close to cracking the code for the Leper/Masochist families. A darn shame that you have to be so very aggressive due to the horrible stat-lines of the Masochists. But the build can be a lot of fun at times. Being afflicted by a Leper debuff effectively makes you immune to that debuff and being able to share Stun, Snare, Scorn, Silence, Frozen and Sleep by simply attacking, is just cool. Especially when you throw in the Replication perk that Wizards get.

Overall the Lepers and Masochists are very, very fun. But they lack a lot of the depth that one would assume them to have. Planning to do some testing with a Stank build, now that the bugged Lepers have been fixed.

This is just my currently planned team:

[size=10pt]Main Perks: Adaptation + Hybridization[/size] (+50% HP, +50% Defense, +50% Speed)

[size=10pt]Others: Master Shapeshifter Card (+50% damage against creatures weak to your Class)[/size]

Twisted Devil: Dragon’s Undoing // Artifact: Sorcery Lance

Cinder Devil (Sorcery Class): Giant’s Destruction // Artifact: Nature Lance

Stone Devil (Nature Class): Angel’s Horror // Artifact: Life Lance

Skull Devil (Life Class): Revenant’s Toll // Artifact: Death Lance

Doom Devil (Death Class): Devil’s Deceit // Artifact: Chaos Lance

[color=red]Krampus (Nether Creature)[/color]: Nether Aura: Defense 300% // Artifact: Heavy Shield

I’m having trouble deciding my nether and artifact traits. I’d value a theme team over an optimal one, but the only 2 options I can think of aren’t good enough (Wolpertingers are too random and Grimoires have 2 useless traits).

The traits I definitely want are Swiftcasting and Braze. Envy would be nice to have on the Nether, too. Other valuable traits would be Incandescence and Fool’s Axiom on the Nether for extra Defense; and Diligence, Celestial Fortitude and Exalted Detriment, but I’d rather find some fun theme options than make it an infinite team.

Any ideas?

So after some experimenting my current team looks like this
Ferocious Fiend: Gains 50% dmg for each debuff. Artifact: Sword with mostly speed with dmg and trait Sweeping Smash
Lich Shadowcaster: Cast death spells with 100% more int Artifact: Necklace all int with the trait Final Excretion(same as Crazed Leper)
Favored Masochist: Your Creatures deal 30% more damage for each debuff
Crazed Leper:When an enemy dies, this creature casts Corpse Explosion a number of times equal to the amount of debuffs the enemy had before it died Artifact all int with trait : Wrong Side
Tortured Leper:Wrong Side: At the start of battle, afflict your creatures with 3 random debuffs. These debuffs are ignored.
Leper Blightbringer:Pus and Pox:At the start of battle, afflict each enemy with 2 random debuffs.

The idea is with two versions of wrong side, my guys will have up to 6 debuffs. With ferocious fiend he will get a big boost from that on top of the boost from the masochist. So I make sure he attacks first, then with his artifact he will clear 3 enemies in one hit, then the lich and crazed leper will have a field day. Because each enemy will have 2 random debuffs due to blight bringer they will both cast two corpse explosions, and then because corpse explotion also casts a number of times for each dead body it keeps stacking and goes off a rediculous number of times. The only downside is if I can’t get a pick with the fiend I’m in trouble. But the two lepers can usually get atleast one guy down then the corpse explosion chain starts