What death creatures ressurect others and Team building help. Crazy one-shotting

I’m thinking about creating a punch team with my level 19 death mage. Do you think this team will be effective? I’m thinking about turning one of my wraiths nether once i have the opportunity. Please comment. Asking for advice.

Pit wraith lord:
Through the Gloom
Your creatures deal 75% more damage to targets that are above 95% Health. This trait does not stack.

Pit wraith obliterator: Unmending
Enemies take 0.5% more damage for every 1% Health they have. This trait does not stack.

Carnage Destructor(2): Rend and Tear
After this creature attacks and kills an enemy, it attacks the creatures adjacent to it for 50% more damage.

The other creatures are negotiable, if it seems more effective, as are the carnages, propose an exchange of carnages maybe a rotting carnage. I’m thinking about having either 2 Unicorn vivifiers, or some other rezing creature, as i’ve taken unholy night, so it will be more effective to rez than to heal.

The strategy of this build is pretty simple:

  1. Attack with C. Destructors and hopefully kill the other creatures before they act (plenty of speed and attack to throw around thanks to artifacts( maybe even a berzerk artifact thrown in), also using the Pit Wraiths’ passive to oneshot enemies)
  2. Use Pit wraiths to cleanup, various disabling castings also on them(like Purgatory, please suggest some other disables).
  3. If anybody is killed, rez with U Vivifiers packed with defencive artifacts, also getting crazy Attack and Speed bonuses from Unholy night, Maybe i’ll get one Shadow Carnage to clean up all the low-hp enemies, also packed with Attack and Speed, but less so than the other carnage/carnages.
  4. Repeat.

Open to suggestions on the team, and, are there any rez death spells or death rezzers?

By Punch Team, do you mean Punch Spells? If so, there are WAY better things to do than your build.

Check Ancestral Phoenix for your rezzer (Ancestral Plume: When this creature kills an ally, your creatures are resurrected and recover 50% Health.)