What determines summoning prices?

What the title says, what determines the prices for summoning creatures?

They vary based on the creature’s base stats.

They never really rise above 2-3k per creature, so don’t sweat it.

Though I have seen a few with almost 4k of one or the other. The higher cost ones are generally higher tier creatures.

There are some notes about this in one of the old version announcements (https://forums.thylacinestudios.com/t/294#new ). From the last paragraph:

each creature has four hidden stats that you can't see; one for each type of resource (brimstone, crystal, essence, and granite). This stat determines two main factors: 1) how much of each resource it costs to summon that creature and 2) how much of each resource you'll receive for defeating that creature in battle. The exact amount of each resource stat is based on a corresponding "main" stat. Creatures with high attack will give more brimstone, creatures with high defense will give more crystal, creatures with high luck and speed will give more essence, and creatures with high health will give more granite.

You get an applaud from me for finding that quote. You rock for finding and posting that gem. Thank you

hahaha, thanks. i went through all the changelogs while i was procrastinating yesterday. with indie games it’s often the best way to find out about mechanics (changelogs often contain much more detailed descriptions of new mechanics than exist anywhere for older mechanics.)