What determines which species spawn?


I’m currently still doing the the story mode (I can teleport up to realm level 44). I started breeding for Diabolic type species but I stupidly consumed all my Diabolic Observer cores. So I set out to extract some more but I can’t seem to find any anymore. I travelled through all the previous realms and I seem to run into the same monsters over and over again, but no more Diabolic Observers.

What determines which species spawn in a level? Is it story related?

As far as I can tell, it’s realm type (which god) and mage level that unlocks creatures.

Turn off your Heart of Darkness (Items->Misc) and try lower realm levels. You’re probably encountering them, but auto-winning the fight, so you don’t get to extract.

Thanks for answering! I’ve finished the main story in the meantime. I’ve had my Heart of Darkness turned off already to actually have a chance of extracting.

I never met another Diabolic type specie since then, but I’ve managed to breed some (Unicorn vivifier + Wicked carver)!

Anyways, lesson learned. From now on, I extract absolutely all unknown creatures I meet and I produce charms from the Divination Candle so that I never run out of any kind of cores.