What do you think the strongest standalone trait is?

This topic disregards trait combos. Comboing traits can accomplish shockingly awesome things, but that can be discussed elsewhere.

What one trait by itself do you think is most powerful or game changing?

For me, it is Hell’s protection from Abaddon Guard (via arena).

1 shot or go home. I feel like this is the most effective defensive trait in the game. It allows you to essentially ignore any damage that wouldn’t outright one shot your creatures. It applies to damage types that penetrate defense. I love this trait and try to find room for it in all my groups.

I’d say it’s Swiftcasting. It eliminates the need for one stat entirely and it allows you to bypass that annoying Siren Soothsayer.

Not really “strongest”, but most convenient is definitely Charge. Ending fights in 15 seconds is really nice for farming.

I guess I’d say the strongest, IMHO, is Ultimatum.

A couple others…

Fan of Knives (From Troll Knife Juggler) is amazing. I never hear anyone talk about it though. It appears to ignore defense and it means you can stack speed instead of attack. It is particularly amazing paired with creatures/spells that get multiple (normal) attacks. Fury swipes for instance means it’ll proc 5 times in just one turn!

Pariah is a great trait once you start finding yourself not going first…

from another perspective the strongest trait vs any of my builds is diamond attunement because I’m normally pushing realms way above the level of my own team and without the trait synergy, raw stats just beat up my team

it’s a little anti fun if I’m honest

Diamond attunement has definitely forced me to keep my essential traits on my artifacts. My innate traits are mostly to just make battles go faster. When those are shut down the battle is much longer of course but I can usually win simply because the other team is denied their innate traits as well.

I loathe seeing Diamond Paragons, they mess everything up.
Definitely thought about adding that trait to a team based on artifact traits only :wink:

@Umaro regarding swiftcasting, my chosen Forum Avatar is there for exactly that reason; so OP.

Strength of mind is one of the strongest in my opinion. Diligence is also up there in my opinion since alot of other creature traits work off of those debuffs.

This is an interesting question. Temperance seems to give a lot of value in terms of versatility, and avoids lockout from Siren Soothsayer if you have a balanced-ish party, but I can’t see that scaling too well when you’re outleveled. Wreck is really nice for an individual creature, since Health gets more points per enchantment slot than Attack and also helps you out defensively. Of course, Swiftcasting is crazy useful since it allows you to make Speed even better and makes a lot of parties more viable. War Forged will also help out a lot of parties with no questions asked. Oh, and speaking of Siren Soothsayer, Filtered Truth seems real powerful. If you’re not specifically set up to counter it, it’ll neuter you, even for Burn/Poison reliant teams and the like.

Affluence is also real good. Assuming you’ve bought the three extra spell gem slots in the perks (I have no idea why you wouldn’t) and modded your weapon for two extra slots, it’s 400% extra damage – and the ability as written makes no distinction between permanent and temporary spell gems, so you can trick that out even further. Cold Touch cripples a lot of things. Everglow is good by itself and helps put a lot of spells, buffs and traits.

If you’re the type who runs Tribe parties (or single-type summon party), Pharaoh’s Boon is pretty alright for 60% extra stats across a party for a legendary artifact slot. Similarly, Solace, Darkness Fate, Dark Aegis, Primitive Incantation and Thaumaturgy are great value.

Been finding a lot of success with straight crypt bats. Bombardment does 10% damage and ignores defenses and shell.

Have been running through battles against things 100 plus levels and it’s pretty obvious that gene strength becomes to your advantage at some point.

I pour points into attack , defense, and speed.

Ignoring combos and additional traits, I’ve always thought that Wolpertinger traits are the best. Free spell casts on hit and when hit.

Hmmm. Pure singletons is hard. I have to give props to necronomicon for carrying me a good while. And while it might not technically count, I feel Inner Hatred is insanely good as well, as it makes many more things better than you’d expect.

Abnegation would have to be my pick.
It allows you to turn massively powerful heals into massively powerful attacks that for the most part, can’t be defended against. The Life Overheal perk makes it shine.

It also has multiple trait combos that borderline on truly disgusting amounts of damage output.