What does Call of the Solstice do?

I ran into a merchant selling an armor that gives the “Call of the Solstice” ability. That’s a legendary enchantment/creature ability, right? Google didn’t have anything on it; does anyone know what it does?

I believe that’s the autumn aspect’s ability. Which gives it a 30% chance to dodge and on a successful dodge, this creature gains 20% increase to defense. There are a few different aspects with similar abilities, so it could be a different one. If you can, I personally always buy legendary materials if I see them on a merchant. If you bought it, look at it in your inventory and it will tell you what its ability does.

Thanks! I should’ve figured it was something like the Springtime Aspect’s Call of the Bloom…
Anyway, it turned out to be “30% chance to dodge and move to the top of the Action Queue”. Cost me most of my granite, but it was worth it. Dodge and attack immediately? Awesome.

Solstice would be summer or winter. Equinox would be spring or fall. Equinox comes from the root for equal, and the day and night are equal length at the beginning of spring and fall :).