What does Mage Level do and why does it level slowly?

Does mage level do anything other than make low level enemies (half the mages level) flee with heart of darkness? I would guess it does at least 1 other useful thing? Maybe it gives deity points each level (haven’t checked)? Maybe it is related to loot (not that I would know)? Maybe it is related to eggs hatching with better stats or something? Maybe it is related to what monsters show up in the realms?

Also, why does mage level rise slowly?
So, I noticed that my mage level is 1500 and my creatures are level 3500.

Yeah, it does give you Deity Points each Levelup. I was as surprised as anyone when I found out :slight_smile:

As for why it levels slowly, only the designer will know for sure :slight_smile: If he leveled as fast as your creatures, the distance would grow and grow once you breed creatures, switch teams etc. So maybe the purpose is to make sure the creatures are around as powerful as you.

Could be a sign that it’s time to try a new strategy :wink:

I think you’re onto something there. I was curious about it. You’re right that if mage level rose at the same speed as the creatures then eventually the mage level would always be higher than the creatures if you ever switched your party.

Currently my mage level is 2400 and my creatures are pushing 4500. it feels like the gap is getting larger too. It might have to do with the deity points like you said. If mage level went up quickly then people would max out their perks very quickly. I have maxed out lots of perks, but getting health, attack, intelligence, defense, and speed to max rank 100 will require a much higher level from me. I feel like 5000-10000 mage level or something.