What does the Nature Mage's Ambush do?

I assume it give my team first move, but I’m not sure and don’t want to swap classes to find out. So I’m asking here.

  1. What does it do?

  2. If it lets my team go first, how does it work with Topaz Paragons or First Move Shrine buffs?

Ambush gives your creatures a chance to move before your opponent (regardless of the speed of your creatures).

When Ambush activates it provides the same effect as the First Move shrine.

Topaz Paragon applies only to one row of your party (and also gives a turn of Critical buff) but is otherwise similar.

Does that answer your question?

Thanks, it answers a good portion of my confusion! I am curious though, if I have Ambush and a Topaz Paragon while the enemy has just a Topaz Paragon, would the order still come down to speed, or would I definitely go first?