What does your creature team consist of?

Theres plenty of creatures in siralim with alot of great abilities. I’m curious, what teams do you find are the most effective?
Keep in mind I’m only level 65
I’m currently using
Servant Hunter- I really like his razor sharp ability which deals 35% damage to 2 other enemies with an instant bleed proc. I;ve had him since the beginning and I don’t see Servant hunter getting swapped out any time soon.
Unicorn Vivifier- My next nether creature, that ability is really good ( 50 percent chance to resurrect an ally after an attack) Definatly going to be a staple in my party for a long time to come.
Berserker Fiend- a newer addition to the team, It is always berserk. I like the damage output, but you need to watch out before overloading on attack because it could kill itself with berserk. Great for starting out, but as artifacts become more crucial, it will be replaced soon.
Nether Twisted Devil- I really messed this build up. Serves as a lesson to take your time with a nether creature. I thought that gaining 50% of your luck in attack would make it OP, but I was definatly wrong. Doesn’t help that I rushed building it.
Wyvern Sonicscreecher- Its ability silences enemies after they cast a spell, super useful in higher level realms. It is one of my main chaos attackers thanks to the next monster I have.
Dark Brim smith- One of my favorite synergy monsters, its ability grants the attack and luck to all my creatures in the bottom row (wyvern, and twisted devil) I gave it a sword with all attack substats, its usefulness makes up for its subpar stats.

I’d love to see some lineups of your teams.

I’m only barely level 40, so I’m only just getting started and experimenting with different creatures. As you said, some abilities sound amazing bit turn out to be pretty underwhelming, while on the other hand some abilities that you scoffed actually turned out to be great.

My first creature (being a Death mage) was a Lich Priest. Although it would sometimes score very high damage it usually didn’t contribute much other than by soaking up damage with its high HP. I recently replaced it.

The second one that’s still on the team is a Fallen Carnage. This one doesn’t usually do too much damage either but I really like the midnight feast ability. I always try to give FC the last hit on enemies which gives it a decent damage output and of course completely restores its health (I’m not sure if artifact abilities can proc on multistrike strikes but that would make it even better).

The first creature I diffused in the realms and summoned was the Berserker Fiend which completely obliterates most creatures. As you said it hurts itself pretty badly, but if I DON’T use healing or leech (which has great synergy) I can usually one-shot at least two or three enemies with the Fiend.

Then it’s the Brim Smith. Another damage dealer. With its upgraded artifact starting to rival the Berserker Fiend in damage output.

To keep the enemy team in check I use a Brownie Mauler, wearing a shield artifact with taunt. While he usually is a casualty, he can often keep a large portion of the enemy team stunned for a large portion of the match. Would like for him to have some more speed though to push him up the queue.

I’m currently in the process of leveling two new creatures. The Wywern Sonicscreecher enemy teams started spamming way too much spells. And also a servant hunter for the reasons you already stated. I had a servant hunter on my first play-through as damage dealer and it was very good at that. Though that game ended when I tried a sigil and realized I had turned on hard-core. ::slight_smile:

EDIT: I wrote this on mobile, apologies if I sound drunk.


I’m currently level 161 and I’ve had a lot of team builds. My current one is as follow :
Unicorn Vivifier (lvl 180) : for the resurrect ability and decent overall stats
Nether Pegasus (lvl 80) : for its ability that saves a friendly creature from a killing blow and I’ve added a legendary Afterlife ability
Unicorn Consecrator (lvl 160) : for the healing ability and decent overall stats
Nether Skeleton Gunslinger (lvl 72) : though it has been nerfed a lot, I find its damage output still appreciable and the stun is a great control tool
Nether Demon Fallen Carnage (lvl 82) : great finisher thanks to its ability and I’ve added a constant Berserker buff that let him finish almost anything until level 400 or so
Nether Skeleton Mortarman (lvl 81) : nice damage output to all enemy creatures

Skeleton sniper, servant Hunter, berserker fiend, fallen carnage and cinder devil for DPS & clear. This pretty much kills everything unless the enemy gets a good spell off. Most fights can be won by just spamming the A button. Mouth of hell or fortress as a tank, usually fortress because I’m still lacking the stuff to make the mouth of hell be the permanent target.

[quote=“Bewi, post:3, topic:367”]Hello,

I’m currently level 161 and I’ve had a lot of team builds. My current one is as follow :
Unicorn Vivifier (lvl 180) : for the resurrect ability and decent overall stats
Nether Pegasus (lvl 80) : for its ability that saves a friendly creature from a killing blow and I’ve added a legendary Afterlife ability
Unicorn Consecrator (lvl 160) : for the healing ability and decent overall stats
Nether Skeleton Gunslinger (lvl 72) : though it has been nerfed a lot, I find its damage output still appreciable and the stun is a great control tool
Nether Demon Fallen Carnage (lvl 82) : great finisher thanks to its ability and I’ve added a constant Berserker buff that let him finish almost anything until level 400 or so
Nether Skeleton Mortarman (lvl 81) : nice damage output to all enemy creatures[/quote]

Nice team! How does it fair against creatures that cast blight immediately? I’m wondering this because I’m thinking of adding a unicorn consecrator on my team as well.

When my whole team is blighted and I have injured creatures, I don’t make my consecrator attack, I use spells instead.

Yea I’ve made the switch over to the unicorn. I had the vampire bat which heals 20% of attack damage, but a unicorn should be better for survivability.

The only problem with the Consecrator is that it cannot heal itself this way. That’s why I have a Vivifier and a Pegasus to add further survivability.

I am surprised none of you are using the Mutant Swampdweller. All enemies start with blight, which comes in handy when the opening spell is Blessing, and in many other circumstances.

The Wyvern Sonicscreecher is awesome, I agree.

As Bewi points out in another point, you can turn any creature into a “Berserker Fiend” by enchanting their artifact with a greater inscription of berserking, which is not a legendary crafting material.

The mechanics in Siralim favor a single attack at high level over several attacks at a lower skill level. The berserk ability helps your monster punch through the enemy defense, and is more useful than an ability that disperses damage to additional opponents rather than raising attack power. This includes the Sharp Glaive Comoponents that grant the Servant Hunter’s special ability, or the Skeleton Mortarman’s Mortar Combat ability (30-60% dmg to all opponents) granted from the Eye of Rage, or the Thrasher Infusion (hit two more random enemies for 60% dmg).

My current team, only being in the early 30s due to tons of derp on my PCs part, currently consists of:

Iron Golem: Severly underwhelming minion but I love golems and the idea of replacing my initial minion just saddens me. He’s up for getting replaced the very second I find something more aggressive which looks properly. Because looks are important. Gotta look wizard’y.

Sand Giant: The first minion that I created myself. I just love the idea of having a giant made out of animated sand on my team, and the ability is great for controlling the enemy team. His stats are very decent for what he does too. Comming armed with a high Health and Attack score right out of the gate.

Wyvern Sonicscreecher: It belongs on the list of universally awesome minions. The stats are slightly “bleh”, but you’re bringing this guy for his harrassing capabilities. Being able to keep the enem from going bonkers with their spellcasting is huge. Plus he looks amazing. It’s a bloody demon doggy! With wings! I think he might be cut though, if I can find another anti-magic minion but as far as I know there’s none so far.

Unicorn Vivifier: Same as the Wyvern; an amazing support creature who can turn the tide of battle on its own. Also, it too looks brilliant both in terms of the combat and overworld sprites.

Spider Sorceress: This homunculi(?) is the tits. She deals a ton of damage with even a half decent artifact. Is easy to support with spells (Vilify, Fortune, Blur, etc) and just screams “Nether me!”. Not sure if I’ll be keeping her around once I get access to the Viper Sorceress, or even the Raptor one, but I sure do love her. Easily the star of the team.

Stronghold: I hate, hate, hate, hate, hate enemy taunters but I can’t help but love them when they’re on my side. He’s one of the 2 all-stars of the team, alonside the Sorceress, as he buys me 1-2 full rounds when he decides to yell harsh words at the enemy team.

Currently I’m severely considering replacing the Iron Golem and Sand Giant. The Giant as it has become apparent to me that he’s very much a support creature, and I’m already running 3 other (and better) supporters, and the Golem because while his slow playstyle suits the team he’s usually more of a detriment than anything else. Especially as I can afford not to attack with him. The big problem in terms of replacing them being that I like my minions to compliment one another looks-wise and I haven’t really come across anything that does that so far, while still being an aggressive creature.

The dream being to have a magic focused team, but I doubt that’d be particularly competitive as I’d have to rely on RNG for spell scrolls. Wonder if the perk system would change that. hype

My current build:

I run an offensive build focused towards buffing the Brim Smith as much as possible. Currently, my character level is 150 and the creatures in this party are all level 133. I do not have any nether creatures in this party yet. I am currently enjoying a lot of success and fun with this setup. However, there are certainly a lot of players out there who are a lot more knowledgable and progressed than myself, so criticism is welcome and encouraged.

Class: Life Mage.
I started as Chaos for the extra damage, but I spent some exalted emblems around level 50 to change over to Life. Holy Defiance is, in my opinion, the best perk in the game. At rank 17+, all of your creatures can take at least 3 hits from any opponent before dying, regardless of their maximum health or defense stats. Therefore, this perk allows me to focus on a more damage oriented creature and artifact roster without severely compromising the longevity of my team.

Creature Formation: Creature (Legendary Matierial Ability)
Brownie Captain (Topaz Focus), Stardust Amaranth (Pegasus Wings), Brownie Mauler (Emerald Focus)
Brim Smith (Strength of the World), Dark Brim Smith (Heaven Breaker), Brim Smith (Strength of the World)

The Brim Smiths are the primary damage dealers of the group, drawing 200% additional attack from their artifacts. The Strength of the World enchantment gives them an additional 20% damage for each living creature on the battlefield. The initial 240% buff at the start of the fight, congruent with splash, is usually enough to take out the entire enemy party in one hit, with the exception of bosses. Against the boss, even with the rest of the enemy team dead, the additional 140% damage from the enchantment is still superior to Berserk.

Brownie Captains grant 30% additional attack and luck as well as Multistrike to creatures in their column. They’re in the party to buff the Brim Smiths. Their damage is respectable as a supplement, though, in case the Smiths leave behind any stragglers. The legendary materials on their artifacts are focused towards utility; the Topaz Focus allows my party to start at the top of the action queue every battle and strike first, and the Emerald Focus grants substantial extra damage to the entire party while allowing the attackers to bypass the beneficial effects of provoking adversaries.

The Dark Brim Smith grants the attack and luck from his artifact to creatures in his row. Like the Brownie Captains, he is placed with the Brim Smiths to buff their damage. His legendary material, the Heaven Breaker, grants Splash to all surrounding allies. Placing him in the center gives the entire party splash.

The Stardust Amaranth revives on death, granting the party shell and mend. With his Pegasus Wings enchantment, he is almost always the first to die. Assuming the enemy party survives the initial Brim Smith attacks, the Stardust Amaranth with Pegasus in conjunction with the Life Mage’s Holy Defiance talent adds several full rounds of survival to the team.

I’ve found it to be important to plan ahead and select spells that help make up for the weaknesses in my build. After I got the spells in place, I used a ton of quills so that I would be able to use my spells as necessary without having to worry about running out. It’s really important not to overlook quills, as they allow spells to become a reliable part of your arsenal rather than a bonus effect that you can throw out here and there.

Since I am lacking the Unicorn Vivifier, two of my spell slots are devoted to resurrection spells. I use one single target rez, and one mass rez. In my opinion, this is a more effective strategy than using Vivifiers, as the Vivifier’s ability only has a 50% success rate. Since I rarely have to rez anything, I’m finding quills faster than I’m using my resurrect scrolls for the time being.

I also use a single target heal and a group heal, since none of my creatures have the ability to heal my party, save the Amaranth’s group mend on death. Since Holy Defiance only affects damage from attacks, heals are occasionally necessary to counter damage-over-time debuffs.

Haste is extremely useful, giving me an additional Brim Smith attack in case the opposition survives the initial attacks. Spells which send targets or the entire enemy party to the bottom of the action queue, such as Ice Bolt or Snow Storm are also fantastic. They function in a manner similar to Haste by manipulating the action queue.

Purgatory decreases the enemy’s sorcery defense by 90%, allowing the Brim Smith to hit nethers as hard as they hit ordinary monsters and handle enemies with Padsorc.

Suffocates and Bleeds are a significant and reliable way to damage nethers through crowd control, and an excellent way for the weaker creatures to contribute meaningful damage if no utility spells are necessary on any given turn.

Some Considerations:
I’m still looking for more optimal choices for this build. If only been playing for a little over a month, so my experimentation has been limited. Any feedback or correction is certainly welcome. Some things I’m considering:

Death Crafters may be superior to Brim Smiths depending on how their ability (White Knuckles: additional damage equal to 30% of their artifact’s total attack bonus) works. I’m not sure if this 30% is added as a percent multiplier, base damage, or additional damage on top of the attack. For example, assuming the Death Crafter’s sword carries a 1500 attack bonus, he would either receive an additional 450 base damage, 450 damage on top of the attack’s damage after other calculations, or 450% additional damage. If the latter is true, the 450% damage increase would definitely outweigh the Strength of the World, or perhaps even the Brim Smith itself, and would therefore merit either replacing Strength of the World with White Knuckles, or the Brim Smith for a Death Crafter. Edit: Zack explained the Death Crafter in another thread. The Death Crafter’s ability procs an additional attack after the primary attack is executed which deals unmitigated damage equal to 30% of the artifact’s total attack bonus. I’ll stick with the Brim Smith + %Damage enchantment for now, but I could see the Death Crafter being formidable at later levels with a high damage artifact versus enemies with exceptionally high defense.

Brownie Captains are awesome, but there may be more optimal utilities to have in their place. The raven ability that halves the HP of every creature on the battlefield is especially attractive; as the Topaz Focus allows my team to go first, halving the oppositions HP would significantly increase the level threshold of enemies that the Brim Smith can one-shot.

The Emerald Focus, while amazing, may also be overshadowed by more synergistic enchantments.

The Stardust Amaranth may be replaced by the Pegasus with the Afterlife enchantment if the Pegasus has better base stats. I haven’t come across a Pegasus yet, only the enchantment material, so I haven’t been able to test this. Edit: I finally found a Pegasus core about an hour after I posted this. His base stats favor health over defense versus the Amaranth, which would probably work better in congruence with his ability. Considering this, I would choose the Pegasus + Afterlife over the Amaranth setup that I currently use.

Holts, interesting read.

What do you think of a creature like the Celestial Idol, which does 20% of each creature’s current health to the entire enemy team when it defends…?

The Celestial Idol isn’t bad. It really depends on what role you want him to perform. The Idol offers unmitigated, party wide damage and would definitely help against high defense mobs. My only concern would be that other creatures may offer a more efficient solution.

It’s important to note that it does 20% of the enemy’s current health. So assuming the affected creature’s starting health is 100, on round one he would be reduced to 80 heath, round 2 to 64, round 3 to 52 health (assuming we round up). Obviously, the lower the target’s health is, the less effective the Idol becomes. Even with three Idols in your party, the effect on the enemy’s team would be slightly less than what would be provided by a single Raven Acolyte (both teams start at 50% health).

In my opinion, the Celestial Idol would be best played as a tank with a taunt artifact. He would have a 100% chance to be attacked, gain the benefits of defending, and still do damage in the process. That actually sounds like a ton of fun. However, Pegasus + Afterlife is by far the best tank solution that I’ve found (thanks Bewi for suggesting the Pegasus), as he defeats the necessity of provoke and taunt, allowing him to attack or cast a spell during his turn. Granted, his damage will not be high since he’s not using an offensive legendary enchantment, he can still apply debuffs like bleed or suffocate through enchantment, which can be devastating to nethers, while passively protecting your party.

For party wide damage, I think a Skeletal Mortar with buffed attack would be a much more effective and consistent source of damage than the Idol. However, a creature with extremely high attack buffed with splash is the best AoE solution that I have found. My smiths are currently swinging for 20-30k damage on their target in higher realms, with a 5-8k splash on the rest of the enemy party; a strong single target and party wide attack in the same round. At realm 40, almost every enemy party, with the exception of nethers, is dying either from the first smith or the second one. I don’t know how effective this is in the grand scheme of the game, as I’m sure there are other players who have ventured much further than myself (I don’t even have nethers in my party yet, I’m holding off until I understand how Death Crafters work), but within the context of my own game, this strategy feels really formidable.

It’s also important to note that the most efficient party isn’t necessarily the most fun. The next build that I want to try is an all Luck build with Spider Occultist + Depravity Axe Head, Priest of Radiance, and Dark Brim Smith. I just need to get my artifacts ready to equip a fresh team! I doubt it will be as effective as my current team, but it sounds like it would be a great run. Folks will also intentionally limit their party’s capability to make the game more challenging. And that’s why I love this game so much; few specimens of the genre have offered as much freedom to experiment and build your own metagame as Siralim does, and it does so in an extremely accessible way.

The Skeleton Mortarman and Celestial Idol are very similar. The difference between the two is that the SM’s attack is more effective against weaker enemies, whereas the CI has an advantage against stronger enemies (relative to your power level). Check out my post Chart Art in the Pictures and Videos section.

I tried a very similar configuration using a Brim Smith flanked by two Dark Brim Smiths, all with powerful artifacts. I tried this out for fun, cuz its a lot different than my current style, and I got the attack power up pretty ridiculously high. But I was disappointed with how effective this technique was in battle, and had to go way lower down in realm level. High attack coupled with splash is a strong method when enemies are about as tough as you or lower, but loses effectiveness quickly.

In contrast the Pegasus has one of the most powerful abilities in the game. One thing I like about it is that group damage attacks, like the Skeleton Mortarman’s, will only hit the Pegasus instead of wiping out your whole party (usually the realm I am in is high enough that it would wipe me out). Back when Cradle of the Grave was overpowered, you could equip it to the Pegasus, and upon death it would wake up and give control of the action back to you.

I agree with you that it is fun to play sub-optimal builds, simply because I like the combination of abilities or the style of play. The more creatures Zack adds, the more interesting combos I want to try. Some styles, though take a long time to execute. Abilities that involve healing and resurrecting, defending, or debuffing upon getting hit, can drag out the battles and make them very time consuming. I like a style of play that ends the battle in a couple rounds or less on average.

I just started playing when 2.0 came out, so I’m not extremely far along yet. Level 71 Life Mage, working on More Creatures - Tier 13 right now.

That said, my current party is:

Viper Occultist - My favorite creature, and great at single target damage. I gave her some Boots with four Speed enchantments on them, but I left the last few slots open in case I run across some great enchantments that would synergize well. She does great damage until realm level 10 or so, and I have yet to see a spell or enemy ability that negates its damage, unlike my other damage dealers. I can’t do gem enchantment right now because of a bug in the iOS version, but this will be my first Nether creature when the patch is released.

Spider Occultist - Almost as good as the Viper, with a necklace with four Luck enchantments. The only problem is that there are multiple spells that decrease my monsters’ Luck, and those very effectively nerf this monster, especially the one that sets Luck to 1.

Brim Smith - Another great damage dealer, and has a lot more hp than the Occultists. He has a sword with four Attack enchantments. He is somewhat nerfed by spells that decrease Attack, but not as badly as the Spider.

Unicorn Vivifier - A pretty good “healer”. I look forward to trying some of the other healer types, like the Pegasus, but for now this unicorn gets the job done. It has an artifact with a large health bonus to keep it alive so it can revive everyone else.

Stronghold - A pretty effective tank. I gave it some armor with a lot of extra health, a legendary enchantment that stuns all enemies 25% of the time when it is attacked, and gives itself a Shell 25% of the time too. Once it starts provoking, it can usually buy me three or four rounds of actions before it goes down, with all the stuns and shells. I probably won’t keep this one forever, but I like it so far.

Nightwing Gargoyle - I should probably change this one out, but the resource bonus is nice. It has some armor with Granite and Energy bonuses, and will have the other resource bonuses once I get the materials for them. The granite bonus in particular is very nice in the early game when there are so many construction rituals to do.

Other creatures I’ve tried out for a while:

Wyvern Sonicscreecher - I like the sound of this one, since spells can be so annoyingly devastating sometimes, but the silence it inflicts only seems to last one round, or maybe two. I’m just not convinced that it’s worthwhile to use up one of my creature slots for such an unreliable counter to spells.

Servant Hunter - I really liked this one before I got the occultists. It spreads damage out pretty nicely. Once I had three powerful single-target damage dealers, though, I found that this creature’s damage never mattered. He would wound something, and then the Brim Smith would hit it with enough damage to kill it from full health. It just didn’t make sense to keep it any more.

Berserker Fiend - I used this for a while at the beginning, but I found that after a few dozen levels it just wasn’t keeping up with the amount of damage that the Brim Smith and Occultists were doing, and the constant loss of health is annoying.

What realm number are you traveling to?

Nature Mage of pretty low level but here is my team:

Springtime Aspect - A damage sponge and only on my team till I can find better.
Servant Hunter - Fairly damaging but again willing to swap out if I find something more interesting.
Glutinous Slime - Often does good damage, but I’d prefer something with a better ability.
Iron Golem - My star player only due to the artefact equipped that has ‘Back for More’ (50%? chance to take another turn) meaning if I’m lucky the golem gets super powered and can power through most of the enemies.
Siren Oracle - Barrier for survivability.
Ancient Ent - Survivability again even if it isn’t the best, at least limiting powerful attacks to only 40% is better than nothing.

I think the highest I’ve gotten to is 11. I could probably get a little higher, but I like to completely clear out a realm before moving on, and 10-11 is where enemy creatures are powerful enough that a good combo of spells or a mistake on my part can end up wiping out my party. My creatures are all around level 70-80 right now.

This is the No Attack Build.

One (1) Omnipotent Deity: A very lucky drop, I’m only in the fifth or sixth creature tier, and I’m pretty sure I’m not supposed to get this so early. Its ability Calamity deals 15% damage to all enemies for every friendly death, which will shortly become relevant. Give it an artifact that prevents it from dying, because if it dies you’re going to wipe miserably.

Four (4) Gimp Mummies: They’re good at dying. Twice, in fact, with Waking the Fallen. Make them fast so they can die faster.

One (1) Carver Sadist: It’s good at making things die in a horrible and unpreventable fashion. This accelerates the death proc of Deity to unreasonable levels very, very quickly. Give him a Speed-boosting artifact so he goes off right away.


The Carver Sadist, if all goes according to plan, goes first, defends, and stabs everything on the field until something dies screaming. The Deity smacks the entire enemy team for 15% on top of that. Then have your Mummies Provoke everything and die even more. They might even turn into something useful during their reincarnation, but you’re still just going to provoke things with them anyways. Use your Deity to cast spells, preferably either huge DoTs or Ressurects, because they both pretty much mean the same thing in the end. Rezzes are necessary anyways because if the Sadist pokes your Deity full of air holes you’re probably going to want it back so you can avoid fantastic levels of failure.

I won’t claim this is a 100% autowin build (far from it), but it is easily the most hilarious team I’ve used yet.