What gives?

So after several months hiatus away from this gem I finally pluck up the resolve to start a new game afresh.

Once I get to around realm depth 10+ (basically around the time you are running a full 6v6 and spreading enough buffs and debuffs around to load the screen up with icons and effects) the lag becomes unbearable.

FPS skipping, performance settings toggled and turbo enabled - nothing makes battles bearable. The lag is incredible on my Samsung S5 and in all honesty renders the game practically unplayable.

Whats happened? I dont ever recall it being this bad before. It quite literally brings salty tears of sorrow to my eyes :frowning:

I just started Siralim 2 lol… played a ton of the first one… I just did realm lv10 and game was perfectly fine? But I am playing on a iphone 6S+… so I mean. I am not good with keeping up with specs of both samsung or iphone.

Perhaps it is just my phone spec :frowning:

Even so…in the grand scheme of things an S5 shouldnt be so underpowered comparitively. I do play much more graphically intensive recen titles with no lag. All in all I think I experience more lag (purely in battles) than I have experienced in any other title.

Still…to have taken such a massive leap from literally zero lag so battle lag of such a large scale… whatever has been changed/added in the last couple of months seems to have put a lot of strain on devices.

I really hope that Zack revisits any further optomisations that can be made so I can actually play without having to lag my way through a 5m battle every 30 seconds.