What I want in Siralim 3, also some things wrong in S2

Let me preface this by saying I enjoyed both S1 and S2, and I currently plan to purchase all future games from this studio.

That said, I felt like S2 missed the mark and in a lot of important ways was a downgrade to S1. The breeding system never felt balanced. The traits and Nether creatures never felt balanced. The spell gem and quest system were the biggest improvements. The gods and progression was decent. At the end of the day though, I ended up putting a lot more hours into S1 trying to finally assemble that perfect comp that would go forever. In S2 I never felt that pull, that draw to try and min / max the system.

In S3 I want that pull back, and I don’t care how you do it. Make a game that makes me want to put in hundreds of hours chasing after perfection.

Also I felt the battle music in S1 was superior. The boss battle music too. I’d like to see a remix of S1’s awesome tunes in S3.

Hm. S1 wasn’t a proof of concept, yet rather an actually playable game ? Gonna check it again, may be some battle system was implemented since I dropped it for good.

Agree about missing lore, flavor text and some statuses (like Doom and Peirce) though.
Also “surrounding creatures” mechanics was implemented nicer back then.

Breeding does not cost any resources

Simply pay some resources and you’ll be able to hatch an egg instantly.

oh. okay. :frowning: