What is an Adventure Log? READ ME BEFORE POSTING!

In an effort to grow our community and incentivize more people to post on our forums, we’ve created the Adventure Logs forum! Here you can post a topic to serve as your personal journal/diary, and discuss your findings in Siralim 3 as you play the game.

Here’s the basic gist of how this forum should work:

  1. Create a topic. Name it something unique as it relates to you. For example, I might call mine King Zack’s Adventure Log. You can have multiple topics for multiple save files, but try to keep it to one topic per save file.

  2. Write (or post screenshots of) whatever you want in the original (first) post of your topic. If you want to add more later, you can edit the original post and add more to it. (Other people will probably reply to your topic to ask questions or discuss your adventure log later on, so it’ll reduce clutter if you keep your log confined to the original post.)

  3. After you edit your adventure log, feel free to respond to it to “bump” it up to the top of the list of topics so other people know that you’ve written something new! You can also edit your topic title to the date/time you last updated it.

These aren’t necessarily rules - just some guidelines to help you get started. Have fun!