What is the actual effect of orb enchantments?

Does the number of orb activations have any effect on the outcome of the nether?
Say I have an orb with 7 activations and one with 8, both have 20 gemslots and are of the same color.
Does a nether which is focused completely into one abillity (Say, health for example) gain anything from that extra activation?

Activations act as multipliers to the amount of stats you gain from the gems, with diminishing returns, so as an example (not correct numbers):

activations, multiplier
1 1
2 2
3 2.5
4 2.9
5 3.2

So you would get some more stats from the one with 10 activations, but not by a huge margin.

Aight, cool. Was wondering if it was worth investing 16 of the same activation on an orb or if it would be better to dip into other stats aswell. How hefty are these deminishing returns?

Here are the exact values for activations 1 to 5.

How about 5-20 then? I got 16 Activations to go through :stuck_out_tongue:

Just remember that if you use all gems of one color, you should use all activations of the same color, you need to add gems as well as activations of the color you want for it to have any effect afaik.

Yeah, I figured. Just fearing that diminishing returns will make the later activations near useless Would be cool to figure out exactly how far the diminishing returns go.

There was also a bug that should have been fixed (although if you’re playing on iPhone, it may not have updated there yet) where if you had more than 10 activations than the creature would bug. Of course, 10 activations is probably 3 3/8 multiplier, which is only slightly more than twice of what 2 activations are. So they are very quickly diminishing returns. On the other hand, in games like this where things are more powerful exponentially the further you get away from checks being even (attack 100 vs. defense 100), every point counts.