What is the point of character level past construction?

reposting since I originally posted in the S1 board:

It seems like the only point of character level once you get all the constructions is to limit gene strength from breeding, which is kind of lame. Back before there was a cap on gene strength from breeding, you actually wanted your character to be as low level as possible, so your creatures would be high level compared to character level, which was even worse.

I believe it also gradually unlocks creatures, so new ones will appear even if you haven’t bred them, which is based on your character level.

The stat range on your artifacts are based on player level.

So high player level allows you to get more bonus statistics from your artifacts.

and having a higher mage level is now beneficial for breeding, so you wouldn’t want to keep it low if you are a gene strength user.

Do wish mage level had more uses though, stats on artifacts become obsolete when you invest in gene strength, even as low as like 5000 gene strength. Maybe if mage level magnified quality magnifier on artifacts, stats on artifacts would become useful again.