What is YOUR kingdom like?

As many of you may know, I’m the kind of ruler whom Misery was right about. An evil, megalomaniacal and powerhungry wizard who’s only concern in this world is to obtain as much power and knowledge as possible and find a way to keep it forever. Mine is a kingdom ruled with an iron fist. Watchdog Golems patrolling the streets, citizens without magical powers being treated as little more than slaves and many a horrible experiment being conducted within my castle walls. I’m the god emperor and not knowing every single verse of the Chumnomicon is a criminal offense punishable by death.

Because somebody has to be the bad guy.

And being the bad guy is fun.

But I’m curious as to how you immagine your own version of Siralim, as a kingdom. How does your character rule? Are you a kind and generous ruler, a tyrant (like myself), a fanatical theocrat, a merciless warlord, an incompetent nincompoop who’s way out of their league or something entirely else?

I’m a cat, I just do what cats do and monsters follow me around. Also happen to have god powers.

So, who rules your kingdom and how do they do so?