What is your team and how does it work?qs

Personally I run as a chaos mage with the following team
Mutated Vampire Bat
Invidia Sin (that I accidentally changed to nature class)
Aaxer Apocalypse
Troll Berserker

My team basically functions as having Invidia Sin doing all the work. The necropolis has pandemonium Rebirth, invidia sin has secret recipe, and
my apocalypse has lifebinder so I can have multiple ways to revive my team if things go south.

How about your teams?

I believe i’ve fought this one quite a few times in the tavern. The Necropolis and Ottum contributing their stats make the Invidia Sin pretty fierce to go up against, and I usually have to cast Decay on the Necropolis to get rid of that sneaky Pandemonium Rebirth setup.