"What just happened?" happens a lot

As an example, Gate of the Gods → Torun fight. I walk in, something instantly kills my entire team, and I get dumped out.

The only thing I see in the combat log is all my creatures taking incredible damage from something called “FUCK YOU.” What is it? What did it do? Why did it trigger? How might I avoid it? I don’t know. There’s nowhere for me to learn anything about it, I never had a chance to Inspect anything, there’s no feedback. I have no idea how to improve my approach to this fight, which lasted exactly zero seconds.

I think one thing that could possibly help mitigate this is to allow the player a moment to Inspect before the first action of battle (before all “At start of battle” events). This would help with special fights (like Gate of the Gods fights), at least. Also, longer battle histories - like, all the way to the start of the battle? - would help a little bit.

Similar things happen occasionally during normal fights (random instant party wipes that come out of nowhere with no warning), but these “the game just decided you should die now, you never had a say in the matter” moments seem mostly driven by hidden realm traits at higher RI. Solving that set of arbitrary instant-party-wipes probably needs to be addressed through the RI mechanics (see: “Realm Instability is Unfun as Implemented”).