what mage class did you pick and what do you think of it?

death - might be great once you have a proper team & perks to cascade into the whole suicide/summon stat enhancement revival, but starting out I’d think you’d be struggling for a good setup

life - with the right creatures it might generate enough heal/barrier to transfer that to the enemy for sufficient damage, but might be very slow to start

chaos - don’t have an opinion to be honest

nature - stat stacking & action queue manipulation, this is probably the easiest to quickly get going with & have a smooth ride throughout

sorcery - seems balanced with autocast gone but does require a good amount of spell gems & perk points to flesh out

I went with sorcery as I feared nature would be too easy/boring and while I had to resort to a bit of stat stacking per ravens as in S2, it allows for some cute & balanced combos early on, very reliant on the gems you find of course. all the spellcasting does take a bit despite all battles being turn 1 victories, so I’m hoping to be able to switch to nature eventually to cut down on time spent in battle.

I picked Chaos Mage this time around. In Siralim 2, I had my team based around attacking as often as possible to go off with free spells and Brim Smith etc. But back then, I never played Chaos Mage. This time around however, there won’t be a “chance to cast for free” property for spell gems. So I chose Chaos Mage, because its perks will be more significant for my strategy.

In the late game however, I can see myself using pretty much anyone but Chaos Mage. The Echo perk of the Sorcery Mage might be the strongest perk for the late game. Life Mage also has some really strong perks that can allow you to survive hits of any magnitude. Same goes for the “revive”-perk from Death Mage. Lastly, Nature Mage has Raid, which will give you a chance to make the first move in any battle, regardless of how much more Speed your opponent has.

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Sorcery. Because Wizards are always (ALWAYS!!!) the right choice. Context dosen’t matter; if you get to wear a pointy hat and hurl fireballs at people, then you are always the coolest person in the room.

Besides, the ability to equib any Spellgem to any creature is downright ridiculous and opens up for soooo many different builds.

I started Siralim 3 as a Chaos Mage and had a very smooth early-game. Starting with a a strong attacking creature and a lot of healing (in the form of Mutated Vampire Bat) makes for a strong start.

Additionally, in the early-mid game, I have really liked the perk that gives all creatures perfect provoke. It opens up a lot of interesting tanking options during the phase of the game where you don’t have easy access to taunt.

I went with the life mage, and I’m struggling something serious. Wiped in my first battle, the secondary monster they give you does 0 damage till it gets a few levels under it’s belt. Not sure how I feel about my perks either, since they mostly seem to revolve around healing. I may make a Hunter/Frozen Spirit party to try and work with the overhealing/scaling Defense.

That’s really good/important feedback - I’m going to increase the attack of Spirits and decrease their defense to compensate. That should make early-game less frustrating for new Life Mages.

That’s really good/important feedback - I’m going to increase the attack of Spirits and decrease their defense to compensate. That should make early-game less frustrating for new Life Mages.[/quote]
I think the spirits are the wrong ones to change. The Emlai should have a bit stronger attack and a bit less Intelligence. Spirits shouldn’t have a good attack at all. You should be WANTING to attack with Emlai, but he’s a better caster. And his defense still lacks, either way.

I started Life as well, and yes, you struggle early on. Mainly because 1) you don’t always start with a healing spell or decent offensive spell, and 2) the Life perks don’t lend themselves to enhancing combat mechanics or killing enemies. Life creatures also seem to be a bit underpowered as well.

It gets better, but until you can gain lots of spells it’s VERY VERY rough.
The best advice I can give is if you get stuck, go back and replay/grind Zonte’s realm for spell gems. Pray you get something decent. In the meantime, you can use Imp Sacrificer and Imp Hexer to give everyone Shellburst (which is a FANTASTIC spell) and double cast it - all for free. You’ll shred enemy defenses, so your low attack won’t matter as much.

Losing out on the party wide Clear Debuff Perk when a member defends from S2 also takes a toll. Without solid early spells to clear debuffs, it doesn’t matter how well you heal. One Blight means you’re dead. Even a Curse or Snare/Sleep can mean it’s over.

EDIT: Just take a look at the Life Perks as compared to any of the other classes. Life is severely lacking when it comes to killing power, and early game magnifies it greatly when your creature selection is very limited. Plus the poor Life god-creature has a terrible trait - he only heals himself based on his missing life. He can’t even take advantage of Overheal perk, and the Barrier perk doesn’t offer enough Barrier to matter even if he does heal himself :frowning:

Sorcery? Equip any spell gem you want, get back to full mana, double cast (multiple times), gain spell gems with 0 mana cost, etc., etc. It’s a powerhouse of spells. Even if you wanted to just attack, there’s a perk for that!
Nature? Speed is added to damage, and GAIN MASSIVE STATS. The stats are really amazing early on. And if you have a tribe team, this is the place to be.
Chaos? Keep attacking, and maintain it! Lots of bonus damage, good spell selection.
Death? Summon more. And keep pumping stats. When you get access to summon spellgems and Death Siphon, Saia becomes crazy.

I’ve played all classes, and Sorcery followed by Chaos are probably the easiest starts. Sorcery by a wide margin, though. Life is the hardest to start. Life is just tough until you expand your creature base…

I myself fell in love with the series ever since I stumbled upon it. Played Siralim 1 slightly before 2 was released. Any way, I went Death mage this time around cause I liked the idea of the replaceable team minus Saia. So I hoarded my points and Saia was my first unlock, the start of the game was a bit slow but that was based on choice. The thing is, I havent really seen base stat increase yet. its possible I missed it but I feel its rather ambiguous, could/ is there a pop message to gauge progress?

other than that I love summoning a hoard of exploding creatures.

Loving the game so far too

I did also notice that traits that activate at the beginning of battle for the summoned creatures through horror show dont trigger, was that done on purpose is that something that is hard to program in from a developer stand point?

I’m some way into the post-game now and with sorcery mage & the foxes, you can pretty much copy the Siralim 2 autocaster team setup, works well enough even without ‘cast at start of battle’ spell gem properties, although the limiting factor is once again that if you equip too many spells, the game freezes for a while when starting battles - the time you save during battle is basically added up front :stuck_out_tongue:

not being able to choose specific realms or buy spell gems (or equipment in general) as in S2 (at the point I’m at anyways) really restricts you, and solidifies nature mage as the best bang for your buck in my (spell)book at least.

I’ve been using Chaos, using a team using some of the early creatures to utilize physical attacks as well as high speed. I’m mainly relying on Ottum’s damage to carry me through, but I also have a gradual power-scaling mechanic in that I have a Forest Priest as well as a bard that contributes to the party’s damage based on Speed, along with the phase creature that increases dodge. I found an artifact with the “attack on dodge, 50% dodge” trait and gave it to my Ottum, so when his speed is buffed way up, he’s often dodging and attacking with counterattacks that still activate his 3x attack skill, while healing the whole party. Pretty synergistic and fun for an early game team ;D

Chaos. First impression - a lil underwhelming, since where are all the perks have gone. Hard to see one tiny page :stuck_out_tongue: then ive read some dev blogs and realized sorcery could be amazing to change into later since it has insane powers. Now i play chaos for about 2 days yep? And think its just plainly overpowering and cant be matched by anything :stuck_out_tongue: Only thing that saddens me is the lack of resources and the cost of brimstone perk :stuck_out_tongue: 10k levels to max? )

I’ve been using Nature Mage, which I was a bit skeptical of at first. Lone Wolf, however, has been wonderful. I’ve been running that with a Summer Aspect and I was lucky enough to get a Summon Nature gem that uses health to cast and has a chance to cast twice. When I get into a rough situation, I can basically summon an entire party if need be, and they usually come with either decent damage or healing spells to recover. Looking forward to getting better artifact traits and creatures for Lone Wolf, but really, really enjoying Nature Mage and am pleasantly surprised.

Sorcery. “Wild Spells” is a game changer… the randomness means that it isn’t particularly exploitable, but it gives you extra options, which is especially good early on. The other special perks are super useful for any spell-related strategy.

However, for the record, I’d like to say: ^&@# WYVERN SONICSCREECHERS. (This message Torun approved!). Just one of those can cause trouble for an otherwise strong team. Two of them will wreck me in no time. The only way around them for an early-level sorcerer is to either attack with your low-strength critters, or maybe have an AOE spell that helps weaken them. But sooner or later, something misfires (I’m looking at you, Spider Occultist), and somehow takes out your entire team. I’ve lost good Pending items thrice to this combo.

tbh all siralim games i never played anything but chaos. dont understand why ppl chose something else too :stuck_out_tongue:

i’ve started with life, but then i bought the game to my brother and he choose life as well…
then i’ve changed to sorcery. It started slowly, but when i got the djinn (the one who up his dmg for each spent mana) paired with a chain lightning gem the game became too easy.
i’ve breezed from floor 12 to 24 with now hiccups at all, now i’m getting a bit of trouble with faster creatures, but still, that pair is too strong imo

I took nature because I knew I wanted to have a few different race based teams and Nature is the best for those hands down. I’m currently happy with the choice though I will try Death mage evetually because it looks unique and fun.

Sorc mage looks like autocasting S2 all over again, not really interested in that. Life seems weakest. Chaos seems solid.

Sorc isn’t about auto-casting, it’s about having options with your spell gems and ensuring your creatures can actually cast.
There’s some stuff to double/triple cast of course, but it’s still manual if you want it to be.

I finished the game & some of the post game with 3 different saves now; sorcery, nature & death:

sorcery: extra mana, spell slots, equipping all gems… since autocasting & spells are top tier, so is sorcery, probably stronger than nature after all. doesn’t need many points to get going either

nature: speed isn’t as easily converted into damage as previously but the stat stacking has become more powerful now that you can turn any creature into any class via items (which makes teambuilding a lot less interesting in my opinion, hate that item)

death: as this game is mostly about using your team to boost a singular creature to be overpowered, Saia fits right in with her ridiculous artifact upgrade. I found all the summon related perks useless as having access to many artifacts via other party members is much stronger. death having some of the more damaging single/all creature spells really helps. I was expecting Saia to look like some necromancer/vampire queen of death though, so getting her was a bit of a strain to the eye.

life obviously sucks, and I’d love to hear whether going all out on critical is damaging at all as chaos, intuitively it doesn’t seem like it.

to wolf:
cant agree at all that autocasting is top tier. you cant extract/you miss out on itherians/singular/its generally way slower then speed-based manual casting.
extra mana opens up for some crazy builds

But basically finishing the story was alway been finishing the tutorial, can see how it all will really work out, cant unlock full potential of perks.

I think sorcery and chaos are two potentially most overwhelming classes. Though some perks might seem useless (like completely - for chaos its chaos magic and touch of chaos, since they are tied to ‘when attack’ and also carry random unpredictable effects that can actually gimp your battles, so should be avoided)

I actually wonder will there be more perks to unlock? cuz that selection seem underwhelming and also can be maxxed. Though again my doubts with chaos- maxxing all perks will gimp your group, so hope nothing is walled behind fully max all the perks.