What nether creatures do you have?

So, earlier today I managed to delete my main save, with 44+ hours on it, by mistake. A situation which I’m honestly not that crass about as I’m curious as to how I’ll do at restarting the game, now that I’ve got some serious end-game experience. Although I’m rather sad that I’ve lost my Steampowered Pilwiz’, but alas.

And I was thinking to myself; “hey, since I’m going to have a go at optimizing my early game, and I tend to prefer threads that are helpful to new players, why not make a thread about what Nether creatures people have and why they created them?”. Personally I focused far, far, far more on unlocking creature tiers, than I did creating Nether creatures, but I did have a few of the beasts:

Nether Brim Smith: (Dissection: This creature gains 200% attack from its weapon).
My first Nether creature on my (unfortunately) deleted save. I decided to ignore Topaz (speed/luck) activations on him, as I’d rather just bring a critter with Topaz Attunement; more attack for him! My reasoning being that Dissection is probally one of the most universally useful abilities you can have on a creature, and that the Brim Smith just looks cool. Besides, its an axe-wielding humonculous-dwarf-thing!
Nether Stronghold: (Steadfast Ressilience: This creature always has Taunt and dosen’t suffer a defense penalty for provoking)
My second Nether creature, and very much for the same reasons as the Brim Smith. Steadfast Resilience is just one of those abilities that you can use for a lot of different build and I like being flexible. Tons upon tons of Defense, some Health, a bit of Luck/Speed and screw attack - hard. Didn’t use him for a whole lot though. My Brim Smith team was far better at farming.
Nether Spider Occultist: (Enchantment: This creature deals extra damage equal to 150% the amount of Luck it has higher, than its target.)
My third, and last, Nether. My reasoning being that… well, I love the Spider Occultist. Sure, sure, she’s far from being a superb pick for “nethering”, but she’s been one of my favorites since 1.30*. Tons of Speed/Luck, a bit of Health and Defense, but mostly just Speed/Luck.

So, what’s your list of Nethers, what order did you hatch them in, what do you use them for and all that? Anything you’d have done differently? Any interesting stories?

*Fun fact: The Occultist line used to be called “Sorcerer” instead. This was changed partially because it could get a bit confusing while discussing them, as the Sorcery Mage is often called the Sorcerer/Wizard class, and because it made them seem too human. They also used to have this very “drow’ish” style, which has been replaced with a more Lovecraftian and alien look.

Sorry you lost that. I started over myself for fun. It can take a while, but it’s not so bad when you like to do new things.

As for my first 3:

Nether Fallen Carnage: Not quite as powerful as the Brim Smith attack-wise. But multiple attacks, with things like rootsplosion (35% chance to do 100% to all enemies) means a nice clear for a while, since you can keep the attack high enough for quite a few floors.

Nether Mouth of Hell: Yeah, cheap tactic with them starting at 65% health, but I like it. Of course, keeping the perma-rez on just makes it funny.

Nether Electroheart Phoenix (might have messed up the name, doing something else at the moment): With speed completely buffed, but not health, this makes quite the tempting target. Usually gets a shot off first with an artifact that has about every inflict status on it for tough critters. They like a bit of retribution for that, and hey, it’s always nice to have 2 free turns. Also put the raven’s 65% ability on the artifact here since it takes place at the beginning of the fight and doesn’t care if the creature is alive like some buffs.

These aren’t my final creatures, but they’re good ones to start with while you only have mediocre orbs.

I don’t really mind the loss of the save, that much. In fact, I’m looking forward to see how I’ll do now that I know the game that much better. Planning on getting a Nightwing Gargoyle ASAP, for instance, and putting together a team for Legendary farming as fast as humanly possible. Once that has been said I’m very, very, very sad to see the Steampowered Pilwiz go.

Also, you don’t have to just mention the first three. You can list them all if you want. I made this thread to help newcommers decide on a good few nethers to focus on. So the more preformance reports, and whatnot, the better. :smiley:

Really surprised to see that you nethered the Thunderstruck Phoenix though. Personally I’d just give a normal one Topaz Attunement and keep on releasing it, and make a new one, whenever it got too powerful. Still, clever use of the Nether system to purposfully make it die through horrible defensive stats.

So yesterday (with the Steam event ending) I created a bunch of level 1 Save files where I started a game, grabbed the Steampowered Pilwiz from Zack and then stopped. I figured this way I would be able to have the Pilwiz next time I decide to start over. (I probably start over more than I should, but it is fun to try different approaches to early-to-mid game.)

I have . . . a lot of Nethers. Thirty-two, I think, with another one cooking on the nest. They aren’t even in order because I rename any Nether I make, which makes tracking them down a solid pain in the posterior at the Stable. Names in parentheses!

  • Fallen Carnage (my first, Voracious Eater!)
  • Brim Smith (AxebeardBeardaxe)
  • Spider Occultist (Worm)
  • Necropolis (Castle Greyskull)
  • Brownie Captain (Robin)
  • Nightwing Gargoyle (Keith David)
  • Omnipotent Deity (Bob)
  • Cosmic Giant (Mr Shoulders)
  • Wicked Carver (Autopsy)
  • Raving Cloud (Pink Floyd)
  • Alcazar (Bruce Manor)
  • Dryad Proliferator (Appleseed)
  • Cinder Devil (Collateral)
  • Corrupted Phoenix (Mortgage)
  • Dumpling (The Hero)
  • Dark Brim Smith (StacheaxeAxestache)
  • Carver Heartseeker (Hayabusa)
  • Amaranthine (Gangrene)
  • Ceaseless Maker (Carl Sagan)
  • Twisted Devil (Zim)
  • Moon Hunter (2, Athena / Apollo)
  • Mouth of Hell (Hellmouth)
  • Imperial Angel (Klunk)
  • Mithril Imler (Down Payment)
  • Putrid Imling (Diet)
  • Pulse Bat (Vaccine)
  • Flamegrip Clutcher (Handshakes)
  • Magma Golem (451 F)
  • Skeleton Mortarsman (Sir Horseshoe)
  • Haunted Golem (Draft Dodger)
  • Dusktail Gargoyle (Bronx)
  • Dragon Queen (The Shinies)
  • Disciple Occultist (Tim)


I really really don’t have an organization for the order I made these guys. I was just kind of like COOL STUFF and made it.

VagrantSun showing off some goodies there :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m currently cooking my 7th Nether, a Health stacked Pegasus as an offtank in case shit hits the fan on my Stronghold.

So far, I’ve got the following:

Steampowered Pilwiz (My first, Attack/Speed/Luck to abuse Pica for early sigil clears before I had a decent team)

Stronghold: 70/30 ratio on health/Defense. Used it in a couple of different setups but would probably prefer it being all health now that I’ve discovered the OPness of reducing enemy damage to 1.

Viper Occultist (All attack) Was rather dissapointed with this one really, mostly use it for calamity / finishing stuff off after my non nether Viper Occultist & Amaranth 1shot their big guys with Unguided Entity.

Fallen Carnage (All Attack) Will probably use it to take over from my Viper Occultist for Calamity Purposes eventually.

Necropolis (All Health) Don’t use it much as it doesn’t fit my comp, so ive basically just stabled it for now.

Pestilence Crafter (All attack) Used it in an aoe cleave team for a while before realising how good %damage was, mostly just sits in my stable now :frowning:

Just to mention, I was optimizing my early game when I restarted as well. I figured I’d get especially the first nether a whole lot faster than my first time. Well… it didn’t work out that way. It’s still taking about as long. Some, because I got an early drop of a 29/10 green nether orb in my first game. I rushed for a nightwing gargoyle a whole lot faster, only took realms that would help get me a nether fast, and had quite a few resource boosting stats on my equipment. Still, it’s going to take about 80% of the time, and I’ll be about the same player level as my first time through when I didn’t have a clue.

A lot of it is luck. I was even lucky enough the first time to have 2(!) demon dusts before making my first nether. Of course, luck can go the other way, and neither turned my nethers into a demon.